Traveling with Kids? Follow this Ultimate Checklist

Packing list if you are traveling with kids.

At first, I freaked out with the thought of T-R-A-V-E-L-L-I-N-G. Yes, you read it correct. Not that I do not love travelling but you know when you are a mother of two toddlers, it isn’t that easy pleasy. But, it was summers and it was our family time. All I needed was a little preparation – the rest was sorted. So, I went ahead documented the ultimate travel checklist for mommies (with of course KIDS). Read on.

The Usuals

• Tooth brushes and Tooth Pastes for you and the children;
• Soaps and Shampoos – include yours and for the children;
• Ointments, deodorants and sun blocks – again for yourself and baby friendly ones;
• Sanitary Napkins (if you feel you are near those dates!);
• Laundry soap or detergents;
• Towels and napkins – carry a few extras;
• Comfortable as well as stylish clothes – to flaunt and look beautiful in all the selfies;
• Sun glasses, hats and caps (if you don’t want it to be hijacked carry for your child too) ;
• Check for any specific weather requirement depending on the place you are going to. For example carry winter clothes or raincoats depending upon if the place is cold or rainy;
First aids – include pain killers, motion sickness pills, stomach upset pills, band aids, soframacin (consult your paediatrician for the essential list for kids);
• Socks and Shoes – Apart from the stylish ones of all heel sizes, do carry your sneakers as well as slippers. Same goes for your child;
• Swimming costumes, swimming caps. If your child uses floaters and other swimming accessories, add that too;
• Gym clothes if you are fitness enthusiastic;
• Mobile chargers, portable chargers and all tech gadgets that you are used to;
• Bluetooth speakers if you want to add music and dance.

For Kids

• Small blanket(s) – comes handy for the kids;
• Your child’s favourite snacks and juices – healthy and a little unhealthy too. The Pickwicks, candies, chips, fruit cakes in a moderate amount will do wonders during child’s not so pleasant moods;
• If you are travelling with a toddler, milk tetra packs, bananas and finger foods;
• For toddlers – Diapers, diapers and more diapers!
• Extra disposable bags and newspapers;
• Hand sanitizer;
• Wet wipes (lots of them!);
• Extra bottles and nipples, cleaning brush and cleaning liquid if you have a bottle fed baby;
• Crayons, Pencils and Notepads or a few work books;
• Extra foldable bags


• Do not forget to check your tickets, passports, one or two photographs and identity cards;
• Check on the reservations and it is good to re-confirm all of them;

Last but not least, don’t forget to carry your smile and just RELAX and ENJOY!

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