Cyclone Nisarga: Do’s and Don’ts for people in Mumbai and adjoining regions

Cyclone Nisarga: Do’s and Don’ts for people in the affected areas: 


Before cyclone During and after cyclone
Ignore rumors, stay calm and don’t panic Switch off electrical mains and gas supply. Keep doors and windows shut
Keep your mobile phone charged and use SMS If your house is unsafe, leave early before the onset of the cyclone.
Listen to radio, watch TV and read newspapers for the weather updates Listen to radio/transistor. Drink boiled or chlorinated water
Keep your important documents and valuables in water-proof container Rely only on official warnings.
Prepare an emergency kit for safety and survival. Watch out for broken electrical poles, wires and other sharp objects
Secure your house, repair, and don’t leave sharp objects on loose. Do not go into damaged buildings.
Untie cattle/animals for their safety Seek a safety shelter as soon as possible.

The fishermen should keep a radio with extra batteries handy and they should not venture out in sea until official orders.

How to make an emergency kit?

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