5 Simple Ecofriendly Ways For A Healthy Living

5 Simple Ecofriendly Ways For A Healthy Living

Listing down are the 5 simplest changes in our daily lives towards a sustainable and healthy existence.

  1. Say no to straws: May sound like a tiny step however when combined the number of straws used at the end of the day creates a huge plastic menace, these harmless looking pieces of plastic when come together are being used in millions every day and choking our oceans and landfills, an alternative like a metal straw can easily be stored in our bags and are available at nominal rates all around us.
  1. Use Menstrual Caps- Sanitary napkins if researched upon, apart from 300 years that it needs to decompose, health threat for sanitation workers who handle them everyday, it also is an area of major concern to the health of women folk using it due to several chemicals used in the process of production of sanitary napkins.

A humble looking menstrual cup isn’t just lighter on pocket, healthier option considering hygiene factors also gives us the liberty to be a part of water sports or swimming which women usually abstain from due to the usage pf sanitary pads.

  1. Use Fragrant Essential oils in place of room freshners– Those sweet smelling tiny candles which we totally adore, that lemony smell we feel refreshed about when entering a car are all major source of indoor pollution, VOCs commonly used in air fresheners and several other household products when researched upon have been labelled carcinogenic or cancer causing instead lets head back to old age tried tested pocket friendly ways of burning coconut coir with camphor not just gives out a pleasant aroma also acts as a natural insect repellants, an alternate can be essential oils like peppermint, clove or chamomile which are known for its soothing smell with anti pest properties.
  1. The minty freshness from our toothpaste, that fruity smell from our shampoo who can fathom kicking off their day without these but have we checked on the ingredients and their safety levels and effects on our body, most of them affect our endocrine system which further is responsible for disrupting the hormonal balance in our body, doesn’t sound like a problem, then pls read further! The chemicals like sulphoxides (such as dimethyl sulfoxide, DMSO), alcohols and alkanols (ethanol, or decanol), glycols (for example propylene glycol) and surfactants form a major components of our daily use products, one of the most common offence is they penetrate and reach our blood stream to affect our endocrine system which further affects the regulation of sleep, hunger, the menstrual cycle to name a few as most of or metabolic functions rely on hormonal balance, no wonder more and more young women are being diagnosed with PCOD a problem on rise however lets not talk only about the problems but also the solution, the useless  looking baking soda sitting quietly at our kitchen shelves is what we must swear by, mix it with lemon juice and the potency goes up 100 folds your toothpaste, shampoo and body scrub can all be replaced with baking soda in different combinations, miss that fruity smell, mix a few drops of your favorite essential oil. 
  1. Kitchen garden is the last thing on the list, it relates to my personal bias to greenery and its soothing effect on the brain, as cumbersome and time taking it may sound, a little preparedness and understanding is all it takes and ones on the go you exactly realize what were you missing,  to start with aloe Vera, ginger, garlic and coriander can easily be grown without much effort  in simple plastic leftover or unused boxes, a small balcony is all the space you require, the end result is organic homegrown product, improved quality of indoor air, a relaxing hobby and learning source for kids in the house.

Note to the reader:

I have tried putting these points as briefly as possible, any elaboration on the points needed pls do indicate in the comment box and I would be highly obliged y to share as each of these points in themselves hold a potential for a lengthy and explainable writing.

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Anamika Singh
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