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Oriflame’s Love Nature Products are Biodegradable, Silicone free and Help our Oceans to Survive

Beauty Products play one of the most important role when it comes to safeguarding of Nature. Oriflame is one such brand that works towards the philosophies of safeguarding nature and respecting the natural environment.

With its amazing Love Nature Range of products that are prepared from the natural ingredients that are biodegradable it helps in safeguarding the oceans. This means that the products can break down very easily without impacting the natural habitat of the aquatic animals.

Most of the products prepared in the Love Nature Range are made from plant based exfoliotors like almond shell and strawberry that can be break down as per the natural process.

One of most eco friendly measure that the brand has implemented in the products is to make them silicone free which might be a threat for the environment to break off owing to hard nature.

Some of the amazing products in the Love Nature range are:

  1. Love Nature Body Lotion prepared from nourishing Almond Oil

2. Love Nature Shower Cream

3. Love Nature 2 in 1 Shampoo prepared from Avacado Oil and Chamomile

All the scrubs are prepared from naturally originated scrub beads and the products respects the planet.

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