Book Your Sunday for a Free Online Parenting Masterclass on How to Manage Your Teenager’s Screen Time

As *Parents* have you ever felt your stress levels going through the roof when you see your Teenager constantly on Social Media, You Tube & Gaming ?

Do you often worry about the Damaging Effects that excessive use of gadgets can have on your Teen’s future?

*Could this 3-Step Process help your Teen Manage their Screen Time without them acting out?*

Join *Rajat Soni* on *Sunday April 12* from 4:30 pm to 6 pm To Deep Dive Into Your Teenager’s Mind And How to Prevent Them from the Damaging Effects of Technology

In this *Free Parenting Masterclass*, you’ll explore:

✅ What is keeping your Teenagers hooked to the Gadgets

✅The 3-Step Process to Prevent your Child from Damaging Effects of Technology

✅Why Traditional models of Parenting are just not working

✅The Core Principles of Conscious Parenting

And deep insights into “What’s my Teenager Thinking?”

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