Tips and Tricks to Rainproof your makeup this Monsoon

With the tips and tricks given below, you can also look like a diva with makeup intact in rains.

  1. Before starting with makeup, moisturize your face with a water or gel based moisturizer.
  2. A Face Primer with mattifying effect will help the makeup to stay longer and will keep the face shine free in humid weather.
  3. Foundation- Powder foundation should be the preferred choice during rains. Mineral based powder foundation also work well but can make the face appear little shiny. If you are more comfortable with Liquid foundation, it should be silicon based to make it water resistant.
  4. Eyeshadow- A powder based eyeshadow in matte, neutral colours like rose pink, champagne, brown, nudes are good for rainy season.
  5. Use waterproof kajal, eyeliner and mascara.
  6. Use products with light texture like lip and cheek tints instead of a lipstick or blush
  7. Matte textures work better than glossy or shimmery
  8. Makeup setting spray may be used for longer lasting effect
  9. Less is more. Apply only whatever is necessary.
  10. If you get wet in the rain. Just dab your face with a tissue or cloth towel and you may powder it again to freshen up.
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Neha Suradkar

Neha Suradkar is a Makeup & Nail Artist and Educator, a Style Coach™, a Corporate Grooming  Consultant, a Fashion Educator, and a Blogger with an experience of more than a decade.

She is the Founder of Style-n-File Makeup & Nail Studio and Academy in Powai, Mumbai

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