Know How Mommy Blogger and Author Tanya Khubchandani Vatsa with over 51,0000+ followers on Instagram started her Blogging journey

What started as writing notes on phone 5 years ago when Tanya’s son was born grew into Instagram and Facebook Pages and now a published book- All you Need to Know About Parenting.

With a Bachelor’s of Arts degree in Economics, Psychology and English from University of Pennysylvania and a Master’s in public health from Columbia University Tanya initially noted down all the helpful things that she found was not told to her while she was expecting.

Whether it is about things to do while a diaper is leaking or about the kind of diaper size she use to note down the things and used to email them to the expecting parents owing to her background in healthcare. The kind of response she received boosted her and encouraged her towards starting her blog “Mommy Diaries ” in which she cover categories such as Parenting, Lifestyle, Womens and Childrens health, events.

Talking about the challenges she faced initially while managing her Instagram and Facebook handles of her blog she told ” As the algorithm is constantly changing on Instagram and Facebook it is affecting the reach of the audience for those who have organically grown their pages, like me. It is harder to be able to know what is working and what isn’t, or how many of our followers can see our posts. But what is working for Tanya is that she very diligently reply to all her Instagram and Facebook messages.

To all the aspiring bloggers she gives the tips that ” Put out great content and don’t stress about who’s watching – that will happen on its own. ”

Tanya can be reached out at : @mommydiaries on Insta

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