5 Simple Ways to protect your family from Flu during Monsoons

With the monsoon coming up on us, protection against germs is on everyone’s priority list. If you are looking to keep your family and yourself healthy as the weather turns.

These 5 simple changes are sure to help.

1. Maintaining Hand hygiene: The best way to enjoy monsoons is by keeping a distance from the germ onslaught. Your hands are the biggest carrier of germs and diseases. Instilling the habit of keeping hands clean by washing them frequently curtails the spread of the flu virus. Make sure you also keep a hand sanitizer handy when out and about. Antiseptic brands like Savlon have effective handwashes which wash away a million germs and sanitizers with 99.9% germ kill which helps your family stay safe and protected.

2. Watch where you drink water from: Monsoons is the time when diseases like typhoid and jaundice thrive because we are not cautious about where we get our water from. Keeping drinking water units clean at home and making sure your source of hydration is from a trusted source when out, is imperative to avoid illness. Most of us don’t have the routine of consuming as much water as our body demands especially during monsoons. Be it kids or elders, high levels of humidity and perspiration during the monsoon season leads to severe dehydration within the body. Dehydration further makes the body prone to cold and fever. Therefore, initiating a habit of drinking plenty of purified water from a trusted water source (8-10 glasses a day) should help keeping germs at bay. Trusted water source being the operative phrase.

3. Maintaining social distance: By this, we definitely don’t mean stop interacting. Instead what we actually mean is if anyone around you is showing symptoms of flu try avoiding contact with them. And being a communicable disease, children can acquire the virus easily. So, if anyone does get sick, limit their contact with others as much as possible to avoid spreading the infection. Make sure they cover their mouth and nose with a tissue while coughing or sneezing.

4. Wellness is all about good habits: We know how much you love and care for your family. Therefore, making your family follow good health practices like eating nutritious food and exercising moderately every day is the best way to boost their immunity during monsoons. Staying healthy ensures poor health doesn’t stop your family from enjoying the wonderful season.

5. A good bath using Antiseptic Liquids in our Water: Who doesn’t like dancing in the rain! Especially children. While we should let the inner child in all of us out from time to time, taking a quick shower by adding Savlon antiseptic in a bucket of water after coming back home, even on a regular non-rainy day helps maintain germ protection thereby decreasing chances of infection.

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