Meet this Single Mother Tendill Sangmo- A Mompreneur whose venture Woeser Bakery is a must visit in McleodGanj

She started the famous "Woeser Bakery" in Mcleodganj.

Fathers are known as the pillars of the strength for their children. They are the ones who look after the finances, education and career of their child. But what if the same role is played by a mother who is proficient in her role as a mother as well as a father.

Tendill Sangmo is one such Mompreneur in Mcleodganj who despite being a single Mother is no less than a father for her daughter “Woeser” on whose name she started the famous Woeser Bakery – the much sought after bakery among the travellers visiting serene Mcleodganj hills.

Born and brought up in Almora district of Nainital, Tendill shifted to Mcleodganj in the year 2009 with her daughter and took 5 odd jobs in a day to fulfill the needs of her and her daughter. From working in an accounts department, selling beauty products door to door to working in a cafe she was trying to meet all her ends.

Being passionate towards baking that gives her happiness in 2012 she started the famous “Woeser Bakery” at the Jogiwara Road just below the Black Magic Cafe. Initially when she started with the bakery she use to work all by herself throughout the day but today she has help.

Her bakes are fresh and healthy. Whether you want a sugar free cake or a vegan cake Woeser Bakery has all the options available. The ambience and aroma of freshly baked cakes will totally take you away. You can sit down at the cafe for hours binging on tasty bake treats and read some of your favourite novels kept at the cafe.

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