Mehendi Designs, You Should Try This Teej

Mehendi Designs, You Should Try This Teej

Teej festival is nearer, the festival is celebrated by married women with full grace.. This festival is a symbol of dedication of the goddess Parvati for Lord Shiva.

It is said that once lord shiva was meditating and goddess Parvati wanted to grab his attention. So goddess applied mehendi/ henna. The fragrance of mehendi diverted lord shiva attraction and the bright colours of mehendi attracted him. From the day women apply mehendi on Teej to attract their husbands.

At the time of Teej, women decorate their hands with beautiful mehendi designs. During the celebration, We see both married and unmarried enthusiastically indulging in the mehndi designs is Teej. So, this Teej we have some amazing mehendi ideas:

1. Minimalistic Floral Mehendi Design: Floral mehendi designs are forever trending, but minimalistic is the new catch. These are edgy designs further include a lot of geometrical, floral patterns and leaf motifs.

2. Modern Arabic Mehendi Design: The Arabic designs are classic, it includes floral artwork with free-flowing diagonal trails. The designs look much more eye-catchy and attractive due to its empty prominent space.

Here is the look for some great Arabic mehndi designs:

3. Checkered Henna Mehendi Designs: Whether it is festival, weddings or functions Indian women are always ready for mehendi. Checkered mehndi designs are simple yet appealing. There are various mehndi designs we can find for checked henna mehndi designs, a few of them are presented below:

4. Mandala Mehendi Designs: Mandala holds simplicity, these are concentric circles, often accompanied by florals & booties, create a pattern so satisfying, it is hard for a mehendi lover to not give it a try.

5. Intricate Mehndi Designs : If you want to keep your mehendi design simple yet traditional, then this design definitely belongs to you. The intricate mehendi art comes with a little Arabic touch and it is a full hand modern mehendi that covers almost all the remaining space.

6. Symmetric Mehendi Designs: Symmetric mehendi designs are super trendy these days, instead of making two different mehendi designs you can go for half- half mehendi where the same designs are put on both the hands. Here are some ideas for symmetric mehendi designs:

7. Boho-Chic Henna Mehendi Designs: Boho is swinging these days, in mehendi’s too. The boho designs are really simple but super captivating. We’ve some best mehndi designs for boho henna mehndi designs:

8. Big Floral Patches Mehndi Designs: This an another simple design. You can make big flower patches to make your hand look more filled.

9. Finger Mehendi Design: Pattern or floral prints on figures are the latest mehendi trends, it is very simple to make yet it is charming.

10. Hath Phool Mehendi Design: It is an old henna design, but moms generally like hath phool designs as it gives the feel of ornament. It is a basic floral design.

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