Checkout the experiences of Mompreneur Circle Moderators

Checkout the experiences of Mompreneur Circle Moderators

Tanusri Chakraborty from Ghaziabad(Delhi-NCR)

I would like to Thank the Mompreneur Management to have conferred firstly this Opportunity to me! These two months were fast and came with a lot of learning! Being from a corporate background and a mommy, i have always been on the look out for work from home meaningful roles specially designed for mommies! I loved writing but never knew how to proceed with this liking and turn it into a career! Being associated with Latika and her team this became possible! Not only did I learn how a group is managed but also was introduced to powerful and strong women and many job opportunities in the content space as a freelancer.

Latika has been very down to earth and supportive. Meeting other fellow moderators and now very good friends who are from various spheres of life was equally thrilling! Together we became the strongest moderator team empowering each other! From sharing our sips of tea to extending support to each other, we have felt like a family! We never felt that mompreneur was not our group, it felt like our own! Latika and team has been listening to every one of us patiently and truly enlightened us about her vision to build a community which is for women, by women and of the woman! She gave us the power to conduct the group positively and help out fellow women! The best part of the opportunity was doing shout outs and we would definitely miss doing it!

All good things have to come to an end and so does this role but my takeaways are brilliant because i am more focussed now with my ideas and want ahead in life! Thanks to Mompreneur circle and wishing them the best in all their future endeavours! This association is for a lifetime mommies 🙂

Dhruti Shah from Mumbai

As a Moderator of Mompreneur Circle the experience has been enriching. The weekly rotational of roles helped me in understanding the various aspects of how a group functions. The experience has helped me connect with good people from various backgrounds and it definitely has groomed me for taking up the larger role for my city. Also Team Work worked very well in the favour of everyone. The support from Mompreneur Circle team was amazing, as we did have a lot of questions and everything was patiently answered by the team. Thanks for this opportunity once again.

Bhavana Misar from Chennai

I joined Mompreneur Circle as a registered seller and accepted the offer to be the Moderator Intern. Being from different places, we are a very strong team under the guidance of Mompreneur Circle Team. We were allotted different assignments weekly and completed the tasks co-operating with each other. It was a different type of experience for me. Mompreneur Circle is a platform where I’ve found talent, ambition and creativity amongst homemakers.

I’m so glad to be a part of this group and I wish many more success and achievements come through Mompreneur Circle. It was great being on board as a Moderator.

Thank you for the opportunity and the trust shown in me. Looking forward for many more opportunities in future.

Samruddhi Vishal Joshi from Nagpur

First of all thanks for giving me this apportunity and showing trust in me. It was wonderful experience for me being a moderator of Mompreneur circle. I enjoyed the opportunities and the tasks, approving member request and post, shoutouts. It gave me the exposure to manage and handle different kind of people in various ways.

Megha Katira from Indore

Initially I was a bit apprehensive when I donned the cap of a Moderator thinking this isn’t my cup of tea. Everybody around me especially the team that I worked with were a pro in their respective fields and I was the only housewife cum writer around. But as weeks went by and when slowly we began to know each other I started to settle down and as each task was given to us per week Latika and Mompreneur Circle Team would appreciate us and also give us constructive feedback for the same. So this gave us a push or you could say encouraged us to work even better. The best thing of being in this team is that nobody looks down on you. Rather Mompreneur Circle helped in making us realize that we can succeed in something if we believe in ourselves.

I shall definitely miss the ‘shoutout’ part where we had to announce each day’s topic. And I shall also miss those what’s app messages we had as a team. Am glad and proud to be a part of Mompreneur Circle.

Alka Maheshwri from Thane

First of all I would like to thank Latika for selecting me as a moderator. As a member of many groups I used to wonder as how admins work and manage the groups. But when I was selected as a moderator I got to know how difficult is to handle a huge crowd maintaining the discipline and decorum within the group. When we joined we were a team of 10 people and initially we were confused as to what are our responsibilities and roles as a moderator. But Mompreneur Circle Team were always there to help us. Every week we were given tasks like approving members, approving posts, checking comments, making announcements etc. Most difficult was to approve posts. There are so many posts that keep coming in a day for approval.

Members just shoot the post without reading the rules of the group which is very basic and mandatory. And then they keep on complaining as to why their posts are not approved. We moderators alongwith the admins used to manage the group as a single entity. We used to share our happy moments, experiences, problems and then slowly we bonded like a family. When I used to post anything with #moderator I used to feel like an authority, powerful entity. I enjoyed the group activities a lot. I will have this experience with me for lifetime. As we say every good thing comes to an end; we are retiring as moderators Feeling very sad and I know I will feel that vacuum being an emotional person. But I am ready for some new challenges and new responsibilities.

Sanggita Komali from Bangalore

I am very happy to work with Mompreneur Circle. I am very thankful to the opportunity given to me. Even I have utilized this opportunity at the fullest. In the tenure of my moderator I have learnt a lot and was able to connect many other ladies with different talents.

I enjoyed the work and responsibilities as a moderator. Daily morning, I used look for new member requests. I enjoyed a lot whenever a shout out task is given to me. Hope to see a long relationship with the team.

Moderator Internship open for September to November(2 months). Want to be a Mompreneur Circle moderator apply now at

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