Durga Puja 2017 – Places to visit in India during Durga Puja

Durga Puja 2017 – Places to visit in India during Durga Puja

Magnificent Pandals, Beautiful Idols and Cultural Programs glorify the occasion of Durga Puja which is one of the major festivals of Bengalis and is about praying, feasting and strengthening bonds. This year if you wish to participate in the Durga puja celebrations, just pack your bags now to visit any one of these 8 places in India during the occassion!

  1. West Bengal

Bengal brightens up during Pujas decked up like a new bride. Every street of Kolkata is illuminated and comes to life during Sharodutsav. Almost every corner of the city has a grand pandal with a unique theme and creative design setup with an equally stunning Idol. You can come across pandals made out of coconut choir, Marie biscuits or resembling palaces and historical places! People look beautifully dressed in their new traditional attires! Long queues in front of the pandals become a common sight through the day till late in to the wee hours. The sound of Dhak reverberates while married women smear vermillion to the goddess and each other just before the immersion of idols. The government allots time slots to various Pooja committees for the immersion process which continues for another three days from Vijaya Dashami with huge processions of the Durga Idols throughout the city. As the teary eyed Bengalis bid farewell to Maa Durga, they cheer out aloud, “Asche Bochor Abar Habe”,and greet one another with a Subho Vijaya! Be in Kolkata to enjoy the Puja Vibes!

  1. Assam

Assam is not only famous for its Tea or Silk but also for its Durga Puja. Grand celebrations, themed pandals and gorgeous idols can be spotted throughout the state. All the light and color pep up the festive mood catching up with the Durga Puja craze. The Monarch Pratap Singha had started the first puja here and since then there has been no looking back. Do visit the Barak Valley Puja which will certainly win your heart.

  1. Tripura

Tripura is filled with enthusiasm and Zest during Durga Puja. Puja is best celebrated in Agartala the capital city. The Royal Family Puja here is 500 years old and offers animal sacrifices to the goddess. The Prasad not only has khichuri bhog but fish, eggs and meat preparations too.

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  1. Delhi

The mini Kolkata of India is in Delhi which comes to life during the 5 days of Durga Puja. The splendor and energy of CR Park and other Puja Pandals across the city resembles that of a Brazilian Carnival with colorful lights, beautiful people and eateries throughout. Delhi tries to preserve Bengals heritage and tradition as much as possible while also being ecologically responsible by immersing the idols in to a pit dug specially for the purpose. Non Bengalis also participate in the festivities giving it a cosmopolitan feel.

  1. Mumbai

The starry-eyed MumbaiKars put their best foot forward in celebrating Durgoutsav with Dhak Beats and Dhunuchi Nach, alongside the Dandiya Beats.  Not only are the festivities pompous and elaborate but with a hint of glamour due to Bollywood presence. Celeb spotting while Pandal hopping, if this sounds cool to you then a visit to Aamchi Mumbai during Pujas is a must.

  1. Jamshedpur

India’s well-planned city, home to world’s tenth steel giant, surrounded by beautiful hills and bordered by rivers, Tatanagari is another favorite location of Matri Puja. The number of pujas held here have shot up in the recent times while cultural diversity adds that special factor to the celebrations.

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  1. Chennai

If you thought Chennai was only about beaches, temples and Idlis, think again!! A large number of Probashi Bengalis residing in Chennai gear up to welcome the goddess. Pushpanjalis in the morning, Khichuri in the afternoon, entertainment programs in the evening and DJ Nights is how Chennai celebrates its Pujo. Plan a trip today to enjoy the festivities and the land of beaches and temples together.

  1. Nagpur

The city of oranges, Nagpur is also popular for its Durga Puja at the Dinanath High School which is more than 100 years old and hence also termed as Adi Puja. On Bijayadashami, while preparations for Durga’s immersion begin, followers of Dr. Ambedkar visit the famous Buddhist Stupa, “Deekshabhoomi” to mark the conversion ceremony of Ambedkar to Buddhism.

Durga puja has the same rituals followed across cities and geographies with a few differences! The widely celebrated festival of India with its traditional sights, sounds and smells is close to the hearts of Bengalis, Non Bengalis and fun lovers. Gear up for the rendezvous!!

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