Revamp Your Child’s Room This Children’s Day: Top 4 Must-Have Ideas for a Fun and Functional Space

Revamp Your Child’s Room This Children’s Day: Top 4 Must-Have Ideas for a Fun and Functional Space

Give your kids’ bedroom a cozy and inviting winter transformation that brings warmth and comfort to their space! While the kids’ bedroom remains the most delightful area in the house, creating a winter wonderland involves not just clever space-saving designs but also effective storage and organizational solutions. Now is the perfect time to infuse more coziness into your child’s bedroom as the winter season approaches. From snug blankets to installing roller blinds to getting kids mattresses for a good sleep, there are plenty of ways to turn the room into a winter retreat for your little ones. Bid farewell to summery vibes and embrace the snug atmosphere of the season.

Deco Window – Printed Roller Blinds

This Childrens’ Day, Deco Window’s Printed Roller Blinds is the perfect answer for the discerning home-owner who wants the elegance of a curtain but the convenient operation of blinds for their kids room. A versatile window covering solution that combines functionality with style. These blinds feature water-repellent fabric, ensuring durability and protection against moisture-related issues. With a 65-100% blackout transparency, they strike the perfect balance between natural light and privacy. For added safety, roller blinds come equipped with a child safety lock and an auto-locking mechanism, guaranteeing peace of mind for families. Their classic roller style lends a timeless elegance to any space, and with availability in 45 standard sizes, they can effortlessly fit various window dimensions. Roller blinds can be easily motorized for modern convenience while maintaining premium quality and long-lasting performance. Moreover, they also act as a barrier against flies and insects, enhancing the overall comfort of your interiors. Choose roller blinds for a perfect blend of form and function in your living spaces.

Price: 1,999.00
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Zwende- Quirky Painted Nameboard

Enhance your home decor with this charming wall decor that brings a distinctive touch to your child’s bedroom and fosters a sense of belonging. This delightful piece also makes for a perfect gift on special occasions. Durable and long-lasting, it offers easy handling with minimal maintenance. Lightweight and simple to install, this vibrant, hand-painted nameboard is an ideal choice to adorn your kid’s room. Personalize it with their name and select from a variety of 20+ themes to create a unique and delightful space.

Price: ₹ 1,110
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Centuary Mattress – Beddy Nest-Baby Mattress

A 100% Natural baby/kids mattress, the core of beddy nest is made from Rubberised coir and Natural Latex that are certified to be “Free from Harmful chemicals” by Oeko-Tex- an independent German laboratory. The waterproof zipped cover has a cotton surface making it the very best for Baby’s/ child’s skin as well as hygiene. This firm, natural mattress is made from breathable materials making it temperature regulating and germ resistant- the perfect mattress for your baby’s/Kid’s development, growth and health. This firm mattress is well-suited to support your child’s development. Its natural and certified core is developed with extensive research. In addition to the advantages that Beddy Products offer, Beddy Nest has a soft cotton cover and comes with a free waterproof cover.

Price: ₹6,459.00
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IKEA – MAMMUT, Children’s table

Ideal for little ones to engage in play, drawing, crafts, or set up a cozy picnic in the garden. This furniture is not only lightweight but also sturdy, allowing your child to easily move it from room to room or even outdoors. Designed to withstand various weather conditions, including rain, sun, snow, and dirt, it’s perfect for outdoor use. Assembly is a breeze – simply click the components together for quick and easy setup.

Price: 1,990
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