Top 10 Image Management Tips For Mothers

Top 10 Image Management Tips For Mothers

Image management comes as a very fancy word, we usually misinterpret it as something to do with only professional people. However, every one carries an image through which we communicate subconsciously about ourselves to everyone we meet and talk. So in real sense Image Management is important for every individual as it helps you to rediscover and recognize yourself and most importantly it helps to have acceptance about who you are.

In today’s time, everyone is becoming conscious about internal and external grooming. However, the most self-neglected section of the world still don’t have much time to think about it, which is none other than Mothers. After becoming a mother, a woman has all the time in the world for her children but she never thinks about herself. But there are a lot of aspects due to which Image Management is as important for Mothers as it will be for anyone else, so here we have some tips:

1. Accept who you are:

If you as a mother accept yourself than you will start loving yourself and which will eventually keep you happy and positive always. Being a happy and a positive mom you will always share those positive vibes with your children.

2. Don’t jump off with everyone: Don’t rush to follow any communication style just because everyone is doing it, rather choose a style that looks natural on your personality.

3. Keep yourself always in game: Times are gone when moms were only expected to just stay at home and take care of kitchen. However, to stay connected with everyone it’s important to stay updated with technology and with what’s happening around. As this will definitely help you to do meaningful conversations with your kids and their teachers and coaches.

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4. Respect everyone’s knowledge: Just because we are a mom and experienced enough it does not mean that we need not to listen to anyone, we should respect everyone’s knowledge as may be even our kids knows something that we are not aware of.

5. Time Management:

Time is an easy excuse of every mom, for not looking good, for not sleeping well, for not dressing well, etc. So, it is very important to manage your time well by prioritizing task list. If we manage our time well by segregating our task as per their priority and time (what to do when kids are school, when they are sleeping, etc).we can really play efficiently.

6. Dress to Impress:

Dressing is the first thing in you that impresses people you meet. Make sure that you never over dress for any event. As we are a part of a perception based society, so your image also creates an image about your kids, home, family, etc. Always dress up as per your body type without following trends blindly. For eg. If you are short then wear a vertical stripped dress to create an illusion of taller you, if you have a bulky body type, then wear something with straight fits to give an illusion of slimmer you.

7. Be comfortable: Never burden yourself always by competing with others. Always remember about your comforts, for e.g. speak language you are comfortable to speak, If you are comfortable to wear Indian outfits then go for them. Comfortable you will make a confident you.

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8. Stop complaining: Complaining is a very common trait that every mom develops. Always complaining makes you a negative person, which will have a lot of adverse effects on you internally and externally. There are a lot of theories these days which proves that negativity in you develops a lot of diseases. You also loose the charm of your personality gradually. If we will keep complaining all the time then how do we expect our children to be happy and non-complaining.

9. Meditate and Workout:

This is the most important point, as there are a lot of benefits of meditating and working out as it helps you with good health, finding peace, gaining your self-esteem, controlling anger, balancing emotions.

10. Don’t tag yourself as Superwoman:

Generally, a lot of moms do this mistake by declaring and believing themselves as superwoman and load themselves with all the work without sharing it with anyone in the house. Don’t forget that sharing is caring, share your work so that you also get some time to take care of yourself and live your dreams.

In one of the studies by psychologist it came out that 20% of women suffers depression after being a mother due to several reasons like body image issues, feeling of being neglected, etc. So it’s a high time now for mothers to start thinking about their image management and work on it.

Vineeta Bhatia

Vineeta Bhatia is a Trainer and an Image Consultant with an experience of over 10 years. Her passion for imparting knowledge and grooming people with individual Image Consultancy sessions(kids, Mothers, Corporate Employees, Entrepreneurs) makes her an expert in her work industry and favourite amongst clients. Vineeta has also worked on several government training projects which includes Indian Railways, Delhi Police, etc.