10 Best Saree Draping Ideas to try out this Teej 2021

10 Best Saree Draping Ideas to try out this Teej 2021

India is a country full of diversity where we celebrate festivals with great enthusiasm. Clothing is a major aspect of Indian festivals and when it comes to Teej women choose to wear sarees.

For Hariyali Teej 2021, women prefer to wear silk, georgette and Kalamkari sarees with Zari, gotta patti or embroidery. These kinds of sarees look elegant.

There are several ways to drape a saree in stylish and contemporary methods.

Here are the 10 Best Saree Draping Ideas for Teej 2021:

1. Casual Saree Drape Style: The style is much loved and it is very easy to carry. They are classic pleated and gives an illusion of balance. The casual drape looks versatile and is perfect for everyday use. Narrow pleated styles keep the focus on the blouse and go great with designer blouses.

2. Saree with Pants: Saree with pants is an indo-western trend. Instead of wearing petticoat, you can wear your saree with pants, leggings or palazzo. You just have to take the pallu of the saree and pleat it over your shoulder as you do with a casual drape. And lead the other side of your saree around and wrench systematically in the waist. Pleat the remaining middle part of your saree and stuff them nicely in the pants or leggings.

3. Dhoti Style Saree Drape: It is another Indo western style, it is developed from the traditional Marathi saree drape. Draping a dhoti saree in a traditional Marathi style could be tricky and time-consuming and can be mastered only through practice. But it just looks lovely when you wear it.

4. Lehenga Style Saree Drape: There are a lot of traditional options to go for to look your best, but sarees and lehengas are mostly recommended for Indian festivals and weddings, they are completely conventional, stylish and graceful. And if we combine them together then it is icing on the cake. The trend has only added more glam and fusion techniques.

5. Gujarati Style Drape: Gujarat has its traditional draping style of sarees, and it is simple but looks idiosyncratic. The pallu is draped on the front side so that work and borders pinnacle well. Pallu draped on the front is commonly known as sidha pallu.

6. Mermaid Style Saree Drape: This saree drape is mostly voguish and stylish. Mermaid drape is a perfect combination of traditional with modern drape. As the name suggests, the drape after it will generate an identical look like a mermaid.

7. Half and Half Saree Drape: The half-and-half is normally styles with fabrics of different types and colours and concepts. The saree is designed in such a manner that the saree looks continuous but different at the pallu and lower drape. This drape is originally from South India, mostly worn by celebrities of the south who loves to wear their cultural costumes.

8. Nivi Saree Drape: The origin of the nivi drape is from Andhra Pradesh Saree drape suits all occasional and ceremonial dressing. This style emphasises a woman’s curves in the best way and looks extraordinarily grand.

9. Classic Flowing Pallu: The name suggests it well, the pleats on pallu is not required. Let the pallu fall and be it in its way. It is most conventional method of saree draping style is letting the pallu flow freely after you slightly put it over the edge of the shoulder. This drape style looks more girlish and can be easily accessorised. There is no other drape matching the classiness and casual yet sassy.

10. Butterfly Style Saree Drape: The drape will create an illusion and you’ll look slimmer. In this drape style, you have to pleat the top portion of the pallu in a fine column so it will create a fan like structure, but for the bottom part, it will fall like butterfly pallu. And you are all set to go and rock.

Sarees can be draped in numerous ways, you just have to choose the correct one.

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