10 Pretty and Chic Ponytails That Look SO Glam!

10 Pretty and Chic Ponytails That Look SO Glam!

However, there are always changing trends that contribute to the variations in this hairdo. This is done so to suit occasions, weathers, fashion trends. The only thing that remains constant here is the much-assured beauty of the ponytail. From office work to night outs, with just minor tweaks,  the ponytail proves to be ever-versatile and transitions seamlessly. Here are some such variations to the regular ponytail; 

1. Tough Puff Girl

Popularised by the Bollywood star Deepika Padukone, a puff is an ultimate way to glam up your look. A high puff is the best way to elongate your face and highlight your cheekbones. This trick especially comes handy if you have a round face. Getting a professional stylist to do your puff is absolutely not necessary! You can do it yourself too.  Just backcomb your crown hair and pin it up for an instant high puff. Use multiple firm pins and a little hairspray to ensure longevity!


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2. Side Affair

Add a little side sweep to your regular ponytail for an elegant look! This is an absolute mediocre move which garners the ultimate impacting effect. A side ponytail has a certain graceful appearance. This is even more felt so when worn with a dress, the hairdo seems perfect for an evening of high tea or just fun by the beach! Really there is no occasion that the side ponytail isn’t fit for! You can leave a few strands of hair framing the side of your hair for an additional little appeal.


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3. Quirky Princess

Add a little twist, literally, to your regular ponytail! This one requires a little effort but its definitely worth the result. Using a hair curler, create waves in your hair. After this, taking a small section of your hair, backcomb it. This will give your hair an added boost of volume. Following which, twist your hair and pin it back. Tie your remaining hair back into a sleek ponytail and Voila! You have a gorgeous unique hairdo that will be the subject to compliments all over. 


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4. Simply Cute

Add a little extra cuteness to a normal ponytail. Be it office or college, this little change to your hair will turn heads for sure. This one requires no special skill or extra time doing it whatsoever. Just pick up small sections of your hair from the front and twist them all. Pin the twisted strands back and tie your regular ponytail. Ensure that your ponytail is moderately low. This hairstyle is absolutely adorable and gives a cute laid back look.  


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5. Braid Babe

This is the perfect hairstyle for when you don’t want to have free hair flowing but need a little style! Add a braid to your ponytail to combine comfort and glam. To master this hairdo all you have to do is divide the hair at the crown of your head into three equal parts, then braid them. After braiding them, pin them back. Tie the remaining hair into a ponytail.  You can add a fun look by making it into a messy ponytail too! 


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6. Curly Flick

This hairstyle simply exudes confidence and power! This ponytail definitely paves away from the norm. To attain this hairstyle, Tie your hair into a high ponytail. After which, you add the main highlight to your hairstyle. This is done so Taking your fringe, with great caution, curling it and then securing it. This small addition to your hair is enough to amp it up and garner some major attention! 


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7. Crazy Casual

The lesser the effort that you put into this hairstyle, the apter will it be! This ponytail simply exudes a cool and effortless vibe. This works best on casual outfits and on days where you just don’t want to put in additional effort. For this hairdo, Don’t even bother to brush your hair. Simply use a hair tie and tie your hair up in a not-so-neat ponytail. Tug out a few strands of hair to frame your face to get a messier look.

8. Your Highness!


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As the name suggests, this hairdo radiates royalty. With minimal effort, A high ponytail overhauls your entire look. Just make a super high ponytail, imitating the likes of the infamous Ariana Grande to attain this look. High ponytails are especially flattering and work wonders to make you look alluring. They add a certain confident vibe which goes a long way in livening up any outfit. A high ponytail, when worn with a choker, is an instant hit too! 

9. Ruffled Glam


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If you’re looking for an exquisite and glamorous hairdo, go for the ruffled glam ponytail. This one is all about incorporating some major volume to your hair. To get this, add volume by backcombing your hair. Then, by simply using your fingers or even a wide comb, tousle your locks and pin sections of hair which go from the side towards the centre of your head. Go all out with the sections and make it as messy you can. This will add a certain hint of sexiness. 

10. Retro Chica


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Looking for a way to tame your thick long hair? Adopt a retro-chic ponytail. This hairdo is the perfect minimalist style for those who like a minimal classic hairstyle. Style your hair into a rustic looking ponytail. For this, make a neat hight ponytail while setting aside a thin section of your hair. After tying your ponytail, wrap the strand around your ponytail hair tie. You can even braid the strand of hair before wrapping it! 

With these small creative changes, you can change up your entire everyday hairstyle! You no longer have to stick to a regular ponytail that looks drab and dull. Break the common perception of boring ponytails with these exciting hairdos.  Freely experiment and have fun alternating between low ponytails and high braided hairstyles. These looks are super easy to attain and extremely stylish!  


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