10 Skincare Habits that give you Youthful Glow

10 Skincare Habits that give you Youthful Glow

“Shining on social media is a single second effort, but the natural glow on your face physically requires cosmetic attention.”

Even though the advent of technology and standard assessment has been revised and improved a lot, but healthy skincare rituals are still in search. Here you could find the best standard 10 ways that can help you rejuvenate your skin and reverse the ageing process.

Yes, you have landed on the right page and luckily you’ll have skincare education with expert suggestions through this article. 


Cleaning the face comes very first as it is the initial step of any skincare ritual that if done perfectly in the right way will sort out many skin problems.

  1. Clean the face with right the content product in the right way: It is crucial while choosing a face wash customized to the right skin type. We suggest that; don’t be an autopilot in choosing the product for a face wash or the way of applying it. It is always recommended to see the content before applying as every skin has a different type and texture. The milky cleanser is good for dry skin. Always apply face wash with gentle circular movements.
  2. Exfoliation is a gentle way to remove dead skin cells: It is always good to exfoliate all over the body, including the face that perfectly helps in removing dead skin cells and revitalize your skin. Exfoliating is a gorgeous way to get glowing skin that must be done at least once a week. The goal of exfoliation is to tune up your complexion and troubleshoot the issues of acne, pimples, spots, and ageing.
  3. The right way and the right combo of Scrubbing: Good homemade scrubs can include a mix of oats/ tomatoes/ coconut oil + brown sugar/ cane sugar + honey. Commercial scrubs shouldn’t be used more than once a week because over-exfoliation may even damage the skin. This is important to note that the right way of scrubbing is quintessential that helps in better exfoliation and removes dead skin cells result in youthful skin. Only a small amount of scrub should be taken and instructed to apply upward-outward in a circular motion.
  4. The right food right metabolism: Yes, it is good to get a roughage- rich diet, fiber included veggies and vitamin-enriched fruits in our daily diet in order to make skin young and healthy. A good and healthy diet accelerates a healthy metabolism and slows down the ageing process as well.


Skin toning and moisturization both have a significant role in skin rejuvenation requiring an educated and healthy practice.

  1. The toner helps with hydration and revitalization: First of all drink plenty of water, at least 8 glasses in a day. Skin specialist emphasizes the importance of hydration and toning of skin because it helps prevent ageing and makes your skin radiant. The toner is usually applied during the daytime immediately after the bath, before the moisturizer. The toner helps to shrink the pores and reduce oiliness in the skin. Toners should likely be alcohol-free.
  2. Moisturize the most: Expert skin specialist both emphasizes the importance of moisturization, both day and night. Apply the practice of skin moisturization both day and night. The best time is in the morning after taking a shower when the skin is still damp, and do not forget to moisturize at night before bedtime. Don’t use heavy fragrance products and instead of single-ingredient products use multiple ingredient moisturizers unless you know about layering it correctively. Thus, it’s good to get your skin expert advice. 


Nothing works great until you don’t adopt a healthy behavior and practice to maintain a long-run effect. You want to look younger and pink in skin health then you must try cosmetologist recommended skincare practice routinely.

  1. Say no to Stress: Try to live a stress-free life because mental stress is one of the prime causes of early ageing that can be firstly seen on your facial skin. Work-life balance is important so must spare some time for outings, practice yoga/meditation, and simply walk in nature it works wonders to your skin.
  2. Sleeping habit & sound sleep: Many of us are online vampires and disturbed their sleeping pattern that is not good for healthy and young skin. It is suggested to sleep early and do practice to wake up early in the morning. Try this traditional method of living life and you will find a wonderful result. Sleeping early and receiving a sound sleep is one vital secret to get glowing skin.
  3. Exercise vs. Blood flow: Exercise and stimulated blood flow have reciprocal relations. A good habit of exercise helps in the process of blood flow stimulation that helps a lot in keeping your skin glow and makes it ageing-free.
  4. Facial lymphatic massage: If you don’t get time to practice homemade skin rituals, don’t worry, you can resume the rejuvenation just by practicing the lymphatic facial massage. It’s a great way to tone and firm up your skin in a healthy way.

In a nutshell, we can say that a healthy practice of skincare routine can be easily applied at home without any hassle or much cost and everyone would love to practice it. Practice the methods mentioned in the article and get your glowing skin and feel younger, beautiful, and confident.

Dr Karishma Kagodu

Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon, Founder - Dr Karishma Aesthetics