18 Types of Indian Sarees every woman must have in her wardrobe

18 Types of Indian Sarees every woman must have in her wardrobe

Saree is the symbol of elegance and grace, nothing can beat a beautiful saree. We have a list of traditional sarees from different Indian states, that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

There are more than 18 sarees in our list that includes Banarasi sarees, Kosa silk saree, Muga Silk saree, Chanderi Saree, ChikanKari saree and more.

1. Banarasi Silk Saree From Uttar Pradesh

Banarasi Silk saree is a handcrafted saree from Varanasi Uttar Pradesh. Banarasi sarees are highly blended with vibrant colours. These sarees have golden embroidery on them and are perfect for weddings and functions.

2. Paithani Silk Saree From Maharashtra

Paithani saree from Maharashtra is a handwoven saree, made with two different coloured silk and hence it gives a shade and light effect. This saree has square prints all over but to enhance the look there are beautiful peacock prints on pallu.

3. Leheriya Saree From Rajasthan

Leheriya comes from the royal Rajasthan. Leheriya is a light and unique saree with waves and stripes made with the tie and dye technique. This saree comes in multiple vibrant colours too.

4. Chanderi Saree From Madhya Pradesh

This saree from the central part of India(Madhya Pradesh) is a lightweight saree that can be worn daily. This saree comes with borders and multiple patterns like geometric, floral, peacock etc. The saree can be paired with simple jewellery and heels.

5. Jamdani Saree From Bengal

Jamdani saree originated from Dhaka is an important part of Bengali culture. This saree is a vital part of any Bengali brides couture. The saree comes embroidered with floral motifs made up of cotton. This saree can be worn casually to stand out from the crowd.

6. Chikankari Saree From Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh

ChikanKari Sarees are originally from Lucknow, chikan means embroidery. This beautiful handwoven saree is available in all the fabric these days, earlier embroidery use to be done on muslin fabric only. Chikankari traditional sarees are one of the most famous sarees in India.

7. Pochampally Saree From Telangana

Pochampally Sarees are blended with cotton and silk fabrics. This saree is made with Ikat style and includes geometric patterns. This beautiful saree is mostly preferred for daytime events.

8. Phulkari Saree From Punjab

This saree is from Punjab, Phulkari mean flowers. Phulkari sarees are commonly designed in bright and vibrant colours and include beautiful flowers and geometrical shapes. The fabric used to make the Phulkari saree is cotton and khadi.

9. Kalamkari Saree From Rajasthan

Kalamkari is a traditional saree from Rajasthan, Hindi word kalam refers to pen. The inspiration of the Kalamkari saree is taken from Hindu mythology, it includes traditional artwork and gives a stunning ethnic look. You can pair this up with fancy footwear and minimalistic jewellery.

10. Patola Saree From Gujarat

Patola sarees are famous Gujarati sarees mostly worn by royal women. Patola sarees are quite expensive as they are made from premium Patan silk. These sarees are mostly available in rich and bright colours.

11. Tant Saree From West Bengal

Every Indian woman loves the traditional Tant saree. Tant saree is originated from West Bengal. This saree is commonly used during the time of summer. You can match these sarees with bright jewellery to get a stunning festive look.

12. Kanjivaram Silk Saree From Tamil Nadu

Kanjivaram sarees are famous bridal sarees from the states of Tamil Nadu. This saree is woven in rich vibrant colours and includes Temple print golden pallu. Not only in South India but Kanjiwaram saree are popular in Northern region too. Kanjiwaram sarees can be a perfect fit for daytime wedding functions.

13. Kosa Silk Saree From Chhattisgarh

Kosa sarees are one of the most famous sarees in India. These sarees are available in a variety of colours and designs. Every woman must have this Kosa silk saree. This saree can be worn in any traditional function.

14. Bandhani Saree From Gujarat

Gujarati Bandhani Sarees

Bandhani sarees from Gujarat is made in soft chiffon fabric. A special tie and dye technique is used to make the Bandhani saree. In India, there is high demand for bandhani sarees, it is available in every colour.

15. Kasavu Saree From Kerala

Iconic saree Kasavu is originally from Kerala. It is a decent white saree with golden borders. Kasavu saree is such an elegant and beautiful piece, can be worn in any small event or family gathering.

16. Bomkai Saree from Odisha

Bomkai saree from Odisha is made of silk and cotton fabric, this saree is also known as Sonepuri saree. Bomkai saree is handcrafted by the Bhulia tribal community of Odisha, as the saree is handcrafted by tribal people you can feel a tribal touch in the saree.

17. Sambalpuri Ikat Saree From Odisha

Sambalpuri Saree are the perfect pick for every occasion, this saree is woven with dyed threads. Sambalpuri saree is mostly available in silk and cotton fabrics and the saree has beautiful embroidered patterns.

18. Muga Silk Saree From Assam

This saree is a trademark of Assam, made with special silk from silkworm. The saree looks extraordinary and stands out from the crowd. This saree can be worn in any family or traditional function.

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