6 Ways To Style A Scarf: Make Your Scarf Look Fashionable!

6 Ways To Style A Scarf: Make Your Scarf Look Fashionable!

Fashion designing is more than just the art of creating clothing products and accessories. I think fashion designing is an art, a practice that it truly intertwined with the culture of the place it originates from. I believe that scarves can help new age millennial and Gen Z spice up their simple outfits in multiple different ways. For example I can wear an ensemble that someone has seen me in multiple times; yet if I pair it with a scarf, they’ll invariably comment on my “new outfit.”

Here I have listed 6 unique ways to style a scarf which will make both the scarf and overall outfit look fashionable and different.

1. One side knot scarf: Wear a solid color tank top, just insert a French knot scarf on any side strap on your shoulder and make a pretty bow and let the bow fall in front. This will enhance your outfit and give it a very fashionable look

2. Scarf Top: Wear a plain inner, just wrap a long silk scarf with organza (a thin, plain weave, sheer fabric traditionally made from silk)from the back, hold 2 sides in front and just knot it together. It will look like a beautiful silk and organza top.

3. Low knot scarf: Wear a plain inner, just wrap a long silk scarf from the back but wrap it around your hands and not on your shoulder. Knot it really low and loose.

4. Head scarf: Scarves look great and fashionable if tied smartly as head gear. Wear a long scarf on your head, neatly twine the loose ends as braid and tie the braid around your head.

5. Dress scarf: Wear a plain dress, wear a long scarf in front, and spread out both sides showing the design properly with the help of a belt. It seems like a completely new outfit.

6. Bow scarf: Wear a scarf in your neck and make gathers like a fan, put a small clip from underneath to make it look like a beautiful bow.

Classically, multiple designer brands sell skinny scarves that can be used as a headband or around or neck, but can also be tied around the handle of a purse for some extra color. You must remember that when it comes to styling scarves, don’t aim for precision or perfection. The casual “fling and go” makes it the real deal.

Babita Jain

Babita Jain, CEO and Founder, The House of Prana, a lifestyle, fashion, artwork and home accessories brand

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