A series of unfortunate Events “is an American series of “thirteen Children’s novel “written by Lemony snicket

A series of unfortunate Events “is an American series of “thirteen Children’s novel “written by Lemony snicket


The casting of the series are Neil Patrick Harris as “COUNT OLAF”( the outstanding villanous Character); Patrick Warburton as” LEMONY SNICKET” Malina Weismann as “VIOLET “; Louis Haynes as ” KLAUS”; Presley Smith as “SUNNY”; K.Todd Freeman as “Mr.POE”; with Lucy punch as “ESME SQUALOR; Avi Lake & Dylan kingwell as “QUAGMIRES” in the second season.


1). It is an American dark comedy drama Web- television series developed by Mark Hudis & Barry Sonnenfeld.

2). The series revolves around the tragic tale of three orphaned named “Violet”, “Klaus” & “Sunny” Baudelaire whose parents die in a mysterious fire accident.

3). They are then placed under the custody of an Evil Guardian named” Count olaf.” by Mr.Poe working as a Bank Manager in Mulctuary Money Management. He is in charge of the Baudelaire’s & Quagmire’s fortune. He arranges the guardians for the Baudelaire’s and tells them about their “Will of fortune” which their parent has left behind for them.

4). “Count olaf “who becomes their first wicked guardian by fooling Mr.Poe is after the fortune of the Baudelaire’s. He does all sorts of cruel things to the kind-hearted Baudelaire’s orphans from making them do all the household chores to cleaning bathrooms & making them all 3 sleep in one bed.

5). He does everything to make the lives of the three children miserable and wretched.He even kills few of their other Guardians who could have helped the Baudelaire’s. He does whatever it takes to steal on Baudelaire’s inheritance, later he hatches numerous conspiracies & disasters with the help of his accomplices as the children attempt to flee from his clutches.

6) As the plot progresses, the Baudelaire’s come to know about the hidden mysteries of their family & conspiracies surrounding the secret society called “VFD” which is also in connection with “Count olaf”, their parents & other family relatives.

7). The series is narrated by Lemony Snicket himself who dedicates his work to his deceased love “Beatrice” and often dissuades the readers and the viewers from reading or watching the Baudelaire’s heart- wrenching story. This series can be found in Netflix & has 3 seasons. In Netflix series is available upto season 2 and both seasons are mind blowing & extremely fantastic.


1). I have personally watched both the seasons with my husband & daughter & loved every bit of the episodes…….. Season 3 is upcoming in Netflix so for that you need to wait ……& if you can’t stop waiting then you can definitely read the books of this Series to know what happened in season 3 ……….

2). And before reading or watching one sentence or one view you all should know that Violet, Klaus & Sunny are kind-hearted & quick witted children whose lives are filled with bad luck & misery.

3). All the stories of these three children are unhappy & wretched which is going to fill your heart with deep despair. It also shows how the life of the children becomes in absence of their parents & how wicked or indifferent people becomes in greed for money.

4). It’s now a hit on Netflix, you all can watch it with your family. I can say that it’s one of the best series I have ever seen. I enjoyed every part of the episode to its fullest.

5). It’s amazing to see how 3 small independent kids can do extraordinary things with their exceptional plus unique talents & outsmarts the villain “Count olaf ” played by the award winning actor” Neil Patrick Harris .”

6). They handle such extreme & complicated situation with just each other’s support so amazingly. The opening scene is terrific & climax is the best. The show also highlights that the knowledge of science & books can take a person to greater heights!!!!

7). The best part of the scene was when they read their parents letter sent to them .It is so heart -touching, it will melt your heart and leave you in tears reminding how wonderful our parents are.

8). Overall a very good movie with a happy ending. Highly recommended for all the Parents , Children & teenagers……!!!!

9). It’s also available in Hindi dubbing with English subtitles on Netflix …….I and my family have already enjoyed these excellent series …..So i can guarantee you all that after watching the 1st episode, you just can’t stop watching the next!!!!!

Please Everyone do watch with your family & let me know your views on it !!!!👍👍

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