Meet Archana Diwan- The Dentist Turned Cake Artist who created Guinness Book of World Records

Meet Archana Diwan- The Dentist Turned Cake Artist who created Guinness Book of World Records

Archana Diwan, a practicing dentist since the year 2000 and a complete hands on mom for her 15 year old son, found her creative side was feeling suppressed. The monotony of just clinic and home was telling her to do more and in 2012 she started her home-baking venture – “Cup-oh-licious”

When Archana started “Cup-oh-licious”, it was just baking cupcakes for near and dear. (That s why the name Cupohlicious). The appreciation and love she received made her grow from cupcakes to cakes, to bigger cakes, to structured cakes and also to earn a place in the Limca and Guinness book of records.

Challenges Archana Faced as the Cake Artist of the Year

Any new venture always throws challenges at you ! Initially when the orders were few it was ok. When her business grew, managing the clinic and baking was a challange. “I would be late for appointments or sometimes not see the patient at all when i had an order. On the homefront I felt I was not available when required. Family members do tend to feel your absence and might not like it at first. It was completely on me to finally get organised and allot timings and have a fixed schedule for each day, as each day will be different.”

Friends and relatives were initially excited. But when you start growing somewhere down the line the competitive streak sets in! Archana realised that you have to work harder, keep getting innovative and sometimes become thick-skinned to handle criticism and stay in the game !!

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Today she do customised cakes and cupcakes for all occasions and events on order. This gives her time to customise the cakes completely to the clients requirements. She also make few chocolates, desserts and savoury items like pies n tarts on request.

Her future plans

In the next five years Archana sees herself in her studio giving clients the cakes of their dreams and also running well structured classes for students eager to learn. She will do all this keeping a fixed time allotted to her dental practice and of course not neglecting her family.

She is also honoured to be recognised by the Mompreneurcircle as the Cake Artist of the year.

Archana’s Message to Womenfolk

All women must have their own independent venture and be financially independent. There is no need to fear. If hard work and dedication are put in there is nothing stopping you. It is just a matter of prioritising all the tasks to be done. I agree that sometimes it gets very hectic and stressful. But then, if you have to be different and stand out, obstacles must come your way !!!

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