Festive Beauty 101: All The Basic Makeup Products You Need This Season

Festive Beauty 101: All The Basic Makeup Products You Need This Season

Getting the right look for these vastly different events may seem like an absolutely challenging task! Well worry not, we have got you covered with our product suggestions. With these essential and all-inclusive makeup products, you can nail any festive look with minimal effort!

1. Pixi, Eyeshadow Palette

Picking and applying the right eyeshadow can be a tricky field to manoeuvre. This eyeshadow palette makes this tricky field easier to navigate for those that are new to the world of makeup! The Pixi eyeshadow palette includes signature colours which you can never go wrong with,  like browns and taupes. Not just that, it also includes a few shimmery shades that are glittering and festive for those times when you want to jazz up your look. The shades are light enough to blend well, so application technique isn’t a necessity here as well! The eyeshadow doesn’t fade or rub off easily. It doesn’t spread post-application either. Just pick the colours that you seem to be drawn to and combine them.  Blend the darker shades together to create a look for a new years night out; or simply chose a lighter colour theme for a dinner with friends. No matter what, these shades will suit well into any occasion.

2. Lancôme, Grandiose Liner

The grandiose liner lives up to the grandness it promises, This eyeliner by Lancôme is certainly amongst the elite. The product is a liquid liner which has a jet black shade. Even more, no matter what the situation you are in, the liner delivers a perfect thin black stroke. This especially makes it the best for a winged liner. The product works wonderfully in delivering a pointed wing every time. The thin pointed applicator of the liner can be held responsible for this. The applicator is crafted with such care, that it picks up just the right amount of ink and delivers a consistently even stroke when applied. The liner is in itself long-lasting, it stays put for as long as required and does not rub off with much ease. 

3. Benefit, Cosmetics Cookie Powder Highlighter

Highlighters are majorly underlooked and ignored by a number of at-home makeup users. However, they are a lot less complicated than assumed. Use a powder highlighter to add some major glam to your look. Accentuate your cheekbones and attain a glowy complexion. The cookie powder highlighter does just that. It is a soft golden like shimmering powder which makes your eyeshadow and cheekbones pop. The highlighter does a stunning job and complements all skin tones. The consistency of the product is so fine that it glides perfectly along your cheekbones and gives a pearly finish. It is almost silky on the application and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin either. The product also consists of a built-in mirror and a blush brush which makes it handy and convenient for on the go application. 

4. Smashbox, Cover Shot Eye Palettes In ‘Golden Hour’

This small travel-friendly palette seems to pack in a lot of bounty on its own. It consists of eight shades which are varying warm tones of gold and plum. The formula is highly pigmented with a rich texture. The tones compliment each other stunningly and blend together with great ease. Since it has a plethora of darker shades, the palette is perfect to create a smoky look. Combine a pinch of black and a stroke of black eyeliner to master the dark and smouldering look. The dustier textures of some shades bring out the thicker textures of other shades well enough to accentuate it. The overall texture finish, however, is a unique metallic and matte combination which is hard to get elsewhere. 

5. Maybelline, Powder Matte Lipstick In Rosewood Red

No glam look is complete without a good stroke of lipstick. Go for a hot deep red lipstick this festival season to garner all the attention. Maybelline’s powder matte lipstick gives the ultimate chic and bold look that red lipstick is supposed to give! Paving away from bright reds, this lipstick leans towards a deep maroon. This gives an extraordinarily unique colour that is unmatchable. Do a light base makeup and add a stroke of this lipstick for a quick heavy look. The shade is so mesmerising that it works best to pull all attention to nothing on your face except the lips. This is a great to distract lookers from your facial features that you seem not so confident of. The lipstick is long-lasting and does not imprint, which is a major plus. 

6. Estée Lauder, Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter

Dark circles and bags under the eyes that just don’t seem to leave can be a major point of distress for most people if not all. No amount of hours of sleep seem to fix those stubborn dark lines. However, a quick easy solution to this always exists. Estée Lauder, Double Wear Brush-On Glow BB Highlighter is one such unique fix. Instead of just solely covering the dark lines, it brightens and illuminates your skin overall. This makes the under-eye circles impossible to notice. Additionally, unlike most BB creams, it is extremely lightweight and hydrating. It conceals all blemishes, dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines without clogging the pores and giving a natural appearance. This one is a must-have for all those fatigued sleep-deprived socialites!   

Having a ton of makeup products isn’t always necessary for the best make up look. You can create the best of the makeup looks with minimal products. Investing in good quality products, however, is a necessity, since good quality products have a unique finish that imposter products just cannot attain! With just the right products and skills you can achieve the most glamorous of looks! 


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