Expert Beauty Tips For Your Summer Travels

Expert Beauty Tips For Your Summer Travels
Holiday time means travelling & packing clothes, shoes, toiletries, debit/credit cards etc for your family & kids if you are married or even for yourself if you are single. But before you leave for your vacay there are few things you must do. First & foremost don’t forget to prep yourself for much awaited Vacation.
Get yourself an appointment at the parlour for –
  • Gel manicure & pedicure
  • Threading
  • Waxing
I would suggest don’t get any face or hair treatments for the first time done right before you travel because you wouldn’t know what might react & beauty faux pas is such a boomer ! – where as facials & massages are concerned leave somethings for Post vacay pampering. You need something to look forward once you are back.
Having done with the above am going to share with you must have beauty & makeup essentials in your kit while you travel this summer .


  • Skin Care-: – Sunscreen with a minimum SPF of 15 to a maximum of 30. No matter where you go these parameters are more than enough. Don’t burn your skin with to much content of SPF & whats a beach holiday without a bit of tan !!!
  • Cleanser, toner& moisturizer . Also known as the CTM . Its very integral to have right the products with you & use them in the same order.
  • Face mist to keep your face hydrated.
  • Aloe vera Gel is a multipurpose must have. From keeping your skin glowing to working as a highlighter & a lip gloss . Its an all in 1.

Hair Care -:

  •  Do carry your own shampoo & hair conditioners from home as you wouldn’t want them damaged or breaking out once vacay is over.
  • Hair serum is more vital than conditioner (for me ). It works as an anti damage shield , when you style your hair with hair products like hair gel, mousse or use any machine likes of a straightener or hair dryer. And you are going to style your hair for those selfies & facebook pictures.


Now this one is subject to how much you love makeup !!! Having said that here are few must haves-:
  1. Foundation – Carry light weight & light to medium coverage one . You want look natural not madeup .
  2. Concealer – 1 all purpose palette or a single shade that works wonders . Try to carry miniatures .
  3. Bronzer – Having this one serves three purposes of contouring , warm eyeshadow & eyebrow filler .
  4. Mascara – When you want your eyes to do all talking while taking a selfie on a night out this one is best saver .
  5. Lipsticks – Matte hues of nude or pink are must have. Invest in a kiss proof matte lipstick. A lot of then are easily available online .
  6. Brushes – Carry 1 angular brush for blusher & contouring , a beauty-blender for perfect foundation setting & a medium eyeshadow fluffy brush . you are sorted .
  7. Eye liner- Carry a kajal pencil with a blending brush on the other end of it . You can use it as an eyeliner, create smokey to smudged eye look or wear it as a basic pencil on your waterline .
 I hope these tips come in handy while you holiday .
 Have great time . Happy holidays !!!'

Pankhuri P Kohli

Pankhuri is a certified Freelance makeup artist. She specialize in Airbrush makeup .
Its been 3 yrs since she started. Alongwith this she is also a beauty & makeup educator& blogger. She provide self - grooming sessions to makeup enthusiasts.  Connect with her at