10 Best Home Chefs In Gurgaon You Must Try

10 Best Home Chefs In Gurgaon You Must Try

Relish delicious food and give your taste buds a treat with the food from these home chefs in Gurgaon.

With the festive season around the corner are you planning to throw a house party or a small get together at your place in Gurgaon?  If you are looking to order food from outside that taste like home then all you should do is to book one of these amazing home chefs in Gurgaon for your next housewarming party and festive bashes at home.

Abhilasha Jain – Marwadi Khanna

Abhilasha Jain is known for her Rajasthani vegetarian food.  Her dishes are unique and are consistent in food quality and taste. Varieties of dishes are made from freshly ground masalas. She has been serving people in Gurgaon Delhi NCR with corporate lunch, dinner, party, get together orders, satvik food for pooja and housewarming.

Specialty: Daal baati churma, Bikaneri paratha with kair sangri, lehsun chatni, aata gond laddoo and kadi kachori.

Price: The Maharaja Thali starts from Rs 450
Contact Number: 9958983606
Place your order before: Call her a day in advance to enjoy the feast at the  comfort of your home
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Anandna Bhasin – Bedazzled

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Anandna Bhasin has been running a food and bakery business called ‘Bedazzled’ out of her quaint kitchen in her house. She started catering a few years back in 2009. She caters to at least 10 – 50 people for birthday dinners/lunches, tea soirees, brunches, etc. Bedazzled has an amazing dessert menu as well.

Specialty: Thai, Chinese and Lebanese cuisines. Must haves include a superb red Thai curry, minced basil chicken, prawns stir fried in burnt chilli garlic, chicken satay with peanut sauce, hummus falafels and toffee caramel cake.

Pricing: Price ranges from Rs 550 to Rs 850 per head.
Contact Number: 9818273939
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Amita of Amita’s Kitchen

Chef by profession and foodie by heart, Amita became passionate about food when she got married to her foodie husband who is also a wonderful cook. Apart from cooking, Amita also prepares pickles and laddoos. She started her journey two years back.

Specialty: Vegetarian Indian cuisine especially North Indian and Rajasthani. She does cook South Indian food as well.

Pricing: Starts from Rs 100 and minimum order is of Rs 500
Booking: A day in advance
Contact Number: 8587877760
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Reema – Sakhi ki Rasoi

An IHM graduate Reema Srivastava used to work with hotels like the Oberois and the Taj. Reema started Sakhi ki Rasoi about one and half years back upon realization that the people of Gurgaon needed much more than soul less food. Sakhi ki Rasoi is known for their UP themed Kayastha and Awadhi Cuisine.  Let Reema know your mood and they will cook accordingly and will try to deliver the best.

Specialty – Mutton curry sakhi style, bhuna mutton, Khade masale ka meat, Mutton shammis, Keema Matar, Chicken Noorani khorma, Bhuni kaleji masala etc.

Contact Number: 9711878313
Pricing – Rs 200 – Rs 450
Booking – one day prior to the delivery
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Chef Gul of Gul’s Kitchen

Gul has been in love with cooking since her early years. Born and brought up in Lucknow Gul is known for her Lucknowi dishes and delicacies. What makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd is that she refers to the age-old recipes handed down to her by her parents. Not only this, but she also comes up with new delicacies with a different twist.

Specialty: Mughlai (Lucknowi dishes)

Contact Number: 9871897268
Price: As per request
Place your order before: About three to four hours before for normal orders and for party orders a day in advance.
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Shipra Mathur of Shipra’s Kitchen

Shipra Mathur was always interested in cooking from an early age. Her mother encouraged her to try new dishes and also guided her through various cuisines like Indian, Chinese and Continental. Even after several ups and downs in her life, Shipra made a point in collecting recipes and trying new variety every day. Initially, Shipra started sending food to a school where she experimented with lot of nutritious meals for children.

Specialty – mutton/chicken shammi kebabs, gosht ki boti, grilled fish, grilled paneer, few veg kebabs, spring rolls and continental snacks.

Pricing – As per request
Booking – A day in advance
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Mrs Ahmed of Mrs Ahmeds Kitchen

Mrs Ahmed as she is known in circle of foodies has an interesting story.  Mrs Ahmed started this venture about 15 years back to promote what is known as purani Dilli ka Khana (Mughlai Food). She would do it only for friends and their circle of friends.  But it was only when Sarah Ahmed (her daughter in law) realized that there was a need to promote her mother in law on social media. People started carrying their home made food to US and Singapore.  Sarah too learnt the technicalities of cooking and both of them have started catering with a bang.

Specialty – Nihari Biryani, Haleem, Raan and Korma’s(chicken and mutton both. The gravy items are accompanied with special bread called Taftaan.

Pricing – curries/kormas mutton – Rs 1400 per kg, curries kormas chicken – Rs 1100, Kebab’s – Shikhampur, dora and Shami is available at Rs 1400 for mutton and 1100 for chicken. Biryani flat rate Rs 1200 per kg.

Contact Number: 9899240023
Booking : 24 hours in advance, less than 12 hours is not possible as marinating for certain curry and cooking time
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Arunima Khanna – Aarush – A Mediterranean Kitchen

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Arunima Khanna is best known for her healthy Mediterranean dishes.  Even though she has done her Master’s in Financial Mathematics (United Kingdom), her passion for food continued. Her frequent visits to Dubai made her experiment all types of Mediterranean cuisine. She uses olive oil, yoghurt and freshly grounded spices to give that Mediterannean feel. All the spices are sourced from Dubai to give her dishes the authentic flavor.

Specialty: Hummus, Tzatziki, Chicken Shawarma, Falafel, Fattoush salad and many more.

Pricing: Starts from Rs 200 and goes up till Rs 375
Booking: A day or two in advance
Contact Number: 9953646186
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Radhika Choudhary

Radhika Choudhary is an exporter by profession and is also very fond of cooking since her heydays. She wanted to change her passion into profession. It was only after Radhika’s younger sister encouragement that she decided to turn into a full-time home chef. She manages catering and cooking on her own, even if it is for 100 people. Radhika believes in opportunities and if you ever get one don’t ever leave it.

Specialty: North Indian cuisine, signature dishes are laal maas and saag chicken.

Pricing: Min Rs 400 per portion to Rs 1500 per kg
Booking: A day in advance
Contact Number: 9654340252
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Sonali Chatterji – Paanch Phoran

Being the daughter of an air force officer Sonali Chatterji travelled across the country which gave an exposure to various cultures and traditions. Traditional family legacy helped her learn age old and lost recipes from both parts of Bengal. Sonali turned a home chef just a year back just to feed her passion to cook and has been unofficially crowned the dessert queen within food fraternity of Gurgaon.

Specialty: Sonali has her unique product branded as the Dessert Safari where she showcases desserts in most nontraditional and innovative manner.

Contact Number: 9910474449
Price: Price starts Rs 350 per person
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Megha Patni

Megha Patni believes in dreaming big and wants to be an inspiration for her two kids. Megha also pens down stories for kids, crime stories and travel articles as well. Apart from being a writer she has also started her own business of homemade chocolates under the name of Miracle Cocoa. She plans to turn this venture successful as well.