WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? Let Dietician Nirupama guide you with the fitness mantra to lose weight

WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? Let Dietician Nirupama guide you with the fitness mantra to lose weight

In the present day and age, people are becoming more conscious and passionate towards fitness. Everyone wants to look good, be fit and healthy. People want to drop weight at any cost. Following crash diet or fad diets, or short-term fitness programs may lead to health complications, which people need to consider.

A FITLIFESTYLE works best!

The purpose of FITLIFESTYLE is to bring health, witness and integrative wellness to the forefront of lifestyle interventions! ​

Nirupama makes Diet program easy to follow and sustainable. She also offers online consultation and a specialist in weight loss, post-pregnancy weight loss, PCOD & Thyroid issues, corporate wellness programs, serving corporates as well as individuals, worldwide.

Here are some amazing Transformation of Nirupama’s Client. Check Before After Pics.

About Nirupama

Nirupama is a Certified Dietician, Sports Nutritionist, Wellness and Fitness Consultant. She has a unique style of making clients comfortable and stay faithful to their health regimens. She provides people with mentorship, customized, easy-to-follow nutrition, Exercise and fitness solutions drawing from her own example and experiences. This relatability addresses the gap that exists between most nutritionists and their clients. She believes that a one-on-one, close, personal interaction between her and her clients is critical to the success of any fitness program.​

Her dream is to reach maximum number of young people who work in the corporate world and to promote Women Fitness.

Services– Online Consultation For Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Post Pregnancy Weight, PCOD, Thyroid or any Health related issue.

Package Prices

Consultation starts from 3200 per month in which the brand target to lose 2-5 kgs in a month and 7000 for 3 months for 8-10 kgs of weight loss. Rest for different packages you can visit the website.

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To avail discount and for any query on weight loss register on http://fitlifestyle.in/registration-form/

You may reach Nirupama at www.fitlifestyle.in and at  9766430146

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