Book Review -Dil Dhoondhta Hai – By Rakesh Madhotra

Book Review -Dil Dhoondhta Hai – By Rakesh Madhotra

These rightly defines the gist of the book Dil Dhoonta Hain by Rakesh Madhotra- a renowned film producer and an acclaimed author. Love is celebration of times. It is a multitude of emotions and a journey both within and outside. The book beautifully brings out the charisma, the ecstasy and charm that surrounds the various layers of love and relationships ensued together.

The book is depicting the story of Rahul , the main protagonist is on a quest of finding the true love and in this journey he met lot of women and how a person struggles between the dreams of finding the right partner and the reality of the same is what the story is all about. There is a strong dilemma within the main character for the relationships lost and found such that he is able to discover different aspects of his personality within himself.

This new discovery helps him find a new way and aspiration within his life that becomes the reason his success.

If you believe in the true bliss of love or if you want to understand the different strands of love relationships.

About the Author
Rakesh Madhotra is born in Delhi and did his masters in Administration Art.  He is an acclaimed film producer and is currently the CEO of a famous movie production house.

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