These Stories of Love will make you fall for the festival of Karwachauth

These Stories of Love will make you fall for the festival of Karwachauth

Ranu Jain Gupta(Founder, My Sanika- Cancer Care Society)

It is said that “Couples are made in heaven and celebrated on earth” but for Ranu Jain Gupta and her husband Doctor Gaurav from Indore it was made in the Hospital. Dr Gaurav was her father’s Doctor’s assistant who had recently joined him after the completion of his MBBS. Ranu was doing her post graduation in Delhi at that time.

One fine day her mother called her and said that there is very good and a young Doctor who has recently joined and taking a good care of Daddy. She felt a bit relaxed and happy that there is someone except her family who is there for them.

Ranu use to travel to Indore very frequently as her father was not keeping well. “When I met him for the first time, I was really impressed with the way he was taking care of all the patients.

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We became very good friends. And then I use to speak to him related my father’s health.

It is always said that Mothers look after their kid till their last breath but I would like to add to it that Fathers are the same. My father’s disease made us meet. He made my life by giving his life.” Says Ranu

Dr Gaurav proposed her but she never said yes. “I took so much time but finally said YES” Ranu says

So it was their first Karwachauth before the wedding and Ranu was super excited.

“I was used to keep fasts as I was from a Jain family. So, as usual, I went to my work and Dr also went to his hospital. But there was one problem. I drink lot of water and I didn’t want to disclose in my office that I am keeping a fast.  I kept my water bottle below my desk and somehow I managed to hide it from everyone.

We both met in the evening. He got very beautiful attire for me but the biggest surprise was that Dr also kept a fast for me. Yes, it was a big deal because he is a foodie and never kept a fast. That’s one of the best Karwachauth I had”

Another memorable one that Ranu tells about is her first karwachauth after her wedding. As like last year Dr Gaurav again kept a fast for her.

“This time I had to wait a little long for him. He got late from his hospital and the reason he gave made me love and respect him more than ever before. One of his patients was serious and he saved his life by staying back.

He saved someone’s suhaag. It was not done yet. He got a diamond ring form me and it was from his savings. What more a wife needs! I am a proud wife “

Mudrika Mishra from Delhi

Mudrika Mishra from Delhi shares a beautiful story of her first Karvachauth which is filled with fun and embellished with love.

This was my first karwachauth and mine is a love marriage so without a doubt my husband was fasting with me, so it was one of the many firsts we had together after marriage, as I am someone who needs to have three proper meals and that too on time I was hating the festival to the core, but of course was not very explicit about it to my better half (literally) who seemed to be quite on the excited end.

So it was evening finally and I was anticipating not the moon but a big round shape dinner plate with loads of food in it, the pooja arrangements were done with the help of my mom on FaceTime with both of us, the only excitement trust me guys was dressing up for the occasion, that was my silver lining  so started the wait for the most precious Moon Devta or lovingly called Chanda Mama, but little did I know that this was a test of patience not just me fasting for the long life of my dear husband, the moon was just not showing up, and to add to the drama was the location of my house which was next to a barbecue nation, just imagine my plight standing on the terrace trying to concentrate on the sighting of the moon but this aroma from the restaurant making me weak in the knees.

I told my husband, who cares about the moon in the sky you are my sun, moon, star, Jupiter and Venus, I will break the fast, but the Mr. did not budge, so out we were with my plate and the precious sieve in our car to locate the moon wherever it was hiding from us, cause I told him that maybe we are not able to see it from our terrace which was just my hungry stomach speaking through my mouth  then we were on the road, you won’t believe my mom in delhi, my mother in law in Saudi and all of my relatives saw the moon but nothing for me…

Finally we saw the moon on the phone as thanks to technology it was captured and I broke my fast, we were of course disappointed but the best thing happened while I was sleeping and at around 12:30 midnight my husband saw the moon woke me up and we hugged each other under the moonlight and had water with a sweet.

So this was my not so perfect first karwachauth, but sure did give us a lot of sweet heart melting memories which come back to us every year.

Latika Arora Khurana, Founder, Makeup artistry by Latika Khurana

Latika Arora Khurana loves the way her husband pampers her on Karwachauth. As a professional makeup artist she hardly gets any day in Year where she gets full time to get Ready and Attend wedding and Close events. But Thanks To KarwaChauth, this is one Special Day when she can do the most luxurious and Special makeover on herself.

She says “The most special Karwa Chauth is this year where my son asked to have his name also along with my Husband’s name on My Hand. He read the Names and Was So Happy to See it on My Hands. I would like to Thank my husband and my Son for Giving me So Much of love.

To All Beautiful Ladies, Enjoy The Festival and, be in that Bond and Don’t forget to Gift something Special to Him.

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So, all the lovely readers what are your lovable moments with your partner on Karvachauth. Do share with us in comments.

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