Hassle–Free Pregnancy During Monsoon Season

Hassle–Free Pregnancy During Monsoon Season

Pregnancy offers an entire new meaning to the word “beautiful” and is a time of immense pleasure and anticipation. The feeling of carrying a tiny soul inside you is incredible, however, it comes with its own set of challenges in the form of mood swings and morning sickness. The pain in addition increases during the monsoon seasons because of the humid and gloomy weather. Rainy Season, is a proportion of issues for mothers-to-be. During this time, pregnant women must be extra careful and protective about herself and for her baby. It can be difficult to take care of yourself when the weather changes. Some advice to keep in mind if you are pregnant during the monsoon seasons.

Maintain Excellent Hygiene: The monsoon season is the high time for contracting infection. One must source a good quality laundry disinfectant to clean all your clothes. To keep away from falling sick. Always carry a hand sanitizer with you and use it when you head outdoors. The muddy puddles on the roads contain contaminated water, for that reason make sure to wash your hands and feet as soon as you get home. Always keep the wet wipes handy and take a bath twice a day to keep the infections at bay. Vaginal hygiene is of maximum significance in maintaining standard cleanliness. Pregnant women are very prone to fungal infections during rainy season it is necessary to keep a disinfectant with you at all times.

Eat Healthy and Nutritious Diet: Always eat freshly prepared meals to get all the nutrients in an adequate amounts. Eat comforting food items and drink healthy soups to stay healthy. Avoid eating cooked dishes that have been stored in the refrigerator. Keep yourself healthy by consuming vitamin C rich fruits. The foods should be nutritious but mild at your stomach.

Stay Hydrated – Although you may not feel as thirsty due to the temperature dip, drinking at least 4-5 ltrs of water a day is essential for good health. Always carry a water bottle with you when you going out and keep drinking it at regular intervals. Drinking enough water can assist lessen any dizziness and fatigue and could make you feel more energized during the day. You can also choose fruit juices or coconut water. Avoid ingesting packaged juices and choose freshly squeezed juices. Dehydration all through being pregnant can be dangerous for both mother and the baby.

Avoid Street Food: Monsoon season brings a number of health issues like food poisoning, indigestion etc. Pregnancy comes with its set of cravings however do not give in to the temptation during the monsoon season. Food bought at the road side stalls is usually unhygienic and particularly so during the rainy season. Therefore, pregnant women must avoid the street food.

Sanitize Your Home – Your home is where you spend the most of time all through being pregnant, consequently maintaining it perfectly sanitized may be very important. Use a superior-quality disinfectant for cleaning the floors on a daily basis.

Wear Comfortable Clothing – The stickiness of monsoon can be extremely uncomfortable, wear clothes that allows you to breathe better and keeps your body dry. Avoid nylon materials because they may cause skin irritation and rashes. Also, make certain to pick out shoes that isn’t slippery, to keep away from falling at the moist roads.

Pregnancy is a blessing and you must enjoy this wonderful chapter of your life, no matter what the season is. These advice for monsoon will help you enjoy each moment of the pregnancy. Making these small adjustments to your diet and lifestyle will have exceptionally positive results on your health as well as that on your tiny soul.

Dr. Rita Bakshi

Founder, RISAA IVF

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