Get glowing skin at home this festive season

Get glowing skin at home this festive season

With the festive season around the corner starting all over with Navratri coming in just a couple of weeks, it is the best time to perk and get your skin a healthy and glowing look. Not in a mood to step out of your home to get your hands on various beauty products, this festive season makes your skin look bright and brighter directly from your home using the best home remedies.

This festive season, count on these simple yet effective tips to maximize the natural glow of your skin.

Here are a few best and simplest ways to get your skin super shinny this festive season

  • Stay Consistent- It’s very important to stay consistent with what you start with and follow. To get glowing and beautiful skin it’s important to stay regular for at least 45-60days from following your skincare routines, to maintaining a healthy and good diet, drinking at least 3liters of water, and avoiding the sun can easily help you get glowing skin.
  • Brighten your skin with the best DIY Steps-Home Remedies or call it “Garh ke nuskhe” have always been our go-to methods, even this festive season you can try your hands on DIY’s in which you can use rosewater mixed with Multani mitti and you are all set to apply it on the face and get your face much hydrated then before. If you are in no mood to spend much money on products the best and convenient way to get glowing skin is to make ubtan mixed with besan, use thrice a week, and later you can see a difference in your skin.
  • CTM It-CTM i.e. cleansing, toning, and moisturizing twice a day is a key to get your skin shine bright and look bright not just coming festive days but all day around, make CTM your habit and you can easily later see your skin starts improving within a week, with using toner or a mist & then applying moisturizer depending on your skin type. Your moisturizer should be your best friend apply it once in the morning and once in the night.
  • Avoid Sun-Sun is a major reason for all your skin problems from pigmentation, hyperpigmentation & dullness, staying much in sun leads your skin to damage try avoiding staying in direct contact with sun, the best way to maintain a balance is apply best sunscreens, apply it regularly if you are not moving out of your home too, direct light even affects your skin. Sunscreens help to control damage and give you better skin.
  • Apply Oil-If you are fine with applying oils on your face start massaging with 2 or 3 drops of either almond oil or olive oil don’t dilute it with anything, take drops of it & start massaging every night before you sleep. Regularly doing CTM & then oiling will give enough hydration to your skin overnight and in the morning you will have a glow staying throughout the day.
  • Good Diet & Exercise – Fibre is a very important source helping you to get your skin brighter and better. You should stay fit and workout every day the glow you get after doing yoga or gym is natural and it gives you and your skin confidence to shin itself.
  • Balance your Caffeine & Sugar Products-Balance of everything is good in life, stating that you should have a right and balanced amount of caffeine and sugar as your daily consumption. High intake of it affects both your skin and body.
  • Smoking is harmful it does harm your skin deeply as it affects under your eyes, lips and slowly and gradually it leads to making your skin much dull

Paridhi Goel

Paridhi Goel, founder of Love Earth, Herbal and Organic Skin Care Brand.

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