How can you attract happiness through healing

How can you attract happiness through healing

If you come across this article or the headline itself is attracting you, it might be time for you to heal yourself. It might be the time for you to nourish your subconscious mind which is working on too many things at a single moment.

What is happiness?

A simple expression, a feeling, a sheer joy, joy of seeing a baby smile, a bird flying, joy of eating your favourite ice cream after months, a long conversation with your friend. The definition of happiness is different from person to person. There can be moments where you can feel so happy about all this. But have you experienced or are you experiencing such moments where you are feeling lost, unhappy, sad, aggressive and you dont even know the reason the reason to it ? You are not enjoying any of such things. Life seems to be monotous and you feel like escaping sometimes. There are so many questions in the mind, puzzles which seems to be unsolved. It seems darkness all over.

But wait pause, when you look around you realsie you have everything then whats that negativity for? Why are you feeling unhappy? Is something lacking? is some required for you to change? If yes then what?

Its your mind! It has always been the mind. C’mon dont think about his call, client’s order, cooking, relatives right now. Relax . You are not going slow. It will eventually happen on its own time. Your worries are not going to make it better. In order to be happy and see yourself growing you need to heal and change your mindset.

Follow these steps to see the results :

1. Manifest daily : Manifest what you want. Focus on what you desire. Your thoughts have the power to create the reality. Replace any negative thought with the positive one. Easiest method for manifesting is to take a spiritual bath. Take a hot shower and release all the negativity. Imagine that you are being blessed with abundance.

2. Meditate : Try to meditate as much as possible. Its a beautiful method for you to connect with your higher self. While meditating visualise good thoughts which brings you happiness, positivity, white light.

3. Affirmations: Repeat affirmations. Stop using words like No, Dont. Rather use Am, Yes to attract.
eg. I am happy, I believe in miracles.

4. Sound energy: Try to tap in to your energy system the help of sound. Sound relaxes and sooths your mind, calm your aura. Listen to the chants or even songs whatever you feel like. You can also play instruments or take the help of tibetan sound healing.

5. Nature : Connecting with nature is always a great idea as it helps to keep you grounded and create a strong bond with the universe. Start walking barefoot.

6. Self love : Once in a day or atleast once in every week pamper yourself. Do what makes you feel happy. Read a book, Watch your favourite series, Eat your favourite snack, dress for yourself. Make yourself the top most priority.

7. Journal : Journaling is a great way to clear your mind from worries. Make the point what and how you feel so you can release your mind from all the thoughts. You can even make small slips and write your worries and burn them.

Anjali Satija

Spiritual Coach Anjali Satiija who is transforming lives through her different healing modalities. Follow on insta @tarotbyanjali

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