How do you take out your ” ME ” time?

How do you take out your ” ME ” time?

It’s been seven long years that I have entered into motherhood. I got every joy of life but then the “ ME “ time was over. If I used to plan something for my free time invariably something or the other will definitely come up to ruin my plans. I initially used to get quite irritated but gradually I started accepting that things will be like that.

Now here the question comes how do I relax? I started reading books, but sadly I ended up sleeping after reading 2 pages. So this idea didn’t work.

Next, I tried testing my culinary skills that also flopped because whenever I will get inside the kitchen my two little kiddos will catch up the fight and I would end up burning my food.

Thought watching TV would be a relaxing option. But Alas! The most wanted remote would fail to reach my longing hands and I had to watch queued up silly cartoon series.

And finally here comes the final discovery of my relaxation. My dear husband purchased a year subscription for one of the movie channels. Out of curiosity, I started playing Conjuring Part-II. Oh, God! What a movie! Never got such horror goosebumps. After watching the movie I realized that the soft, romantic girl has transformed into a different person now. Because I felt completely relaxed after watching the movie.

My quest for the search of relaxation finally got an answer and till date, I resort to watching horror movies. I know it’s weird but that’s the way it is.

Basudha Bhattacharya

A Teacher by profession. Mother of 2 kids. Painting is my hobby. Observing my surrounding is my favorite past-time. Blogging is my new discovery of passion.