How this mother is making parents keepsake their little one’s hands and feet for years to come

How this mother is making parents keepsake their little one’s hands and feet for years to come

As a person, Sweety have always been into the teaching profession. However, it was her  passion towards art and doing something creative that drove her towards setting up a new venture.

She always contained this deep desire to touch lives through her passion. In the year 2018, she finally settled up her venture- Feets and inches, which offers a unique keepsake to capture one’s hands and feet for years to come. 

How did Sweety came up with this idea??

One fine day, while scrolling the internet for an activity for children at school, she found this idea and it attracted her to such an extent that she decided to leave her teaching job and try her luck in something interesting.

About Feets and Inches

Feets and inches is a startup and a home based company which started with a humble beginning from the year 2018. At Feets and inches, Sweety provide an irreplaceable opportunity which enables one to ponder over those charismatic impressions for life long.

At Feets and inches they recapture memories, be it your newborn’s tiny hands and feet, a hand sculpture of you holding your baby’s little hand, you and your partners hand entwined lovingly together, or a family keepsake of all your hands tied in inseparable love.

Each of their cast is created and handled with such loving details and precision that you can almost feel yourself back at the very moment it was made every time you look at it.

Every moment in life is valuable but some memories are precious. Such moments also fade away with time but Feets and inches make them last longer.

Currently, They  have collaborations with one of the best mother-child hospitals in the city and another collaboration with professionals in the same profession in Mumbai.

Though the services are  currently available only in Delhi/Noida, they  have created keepsakes for people residing in other cities who opted to travel all down the way to their  place.

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