How to manage work-life balance when you are an entrepreneur and a mom!!!

How to manage work-life balance when you are an entrepreneur and a mom!!!

When it is a woman, then it is more than just money making at work. Be a 9 to 5 job or an entrepreneurial venture, every woman holds a definitive objective, like proving oneself, challenging a social taboo, sparkling with a self-identity and self-worth, extending a financial support to her parents or just manage personal need with financial independence. Not being able to venture out for work on a fixed 9 to 5 job, a large woman population have escorted to entrepreneurship. Inspite of strong desire and passion a startling figure prompts that almost 90% of start-ups fail and is closed within a year of its initiation. The main reason identified behind such closures is the inability to manage a proper work-life balance and hence responsibility.

When you are an entrepreneur as well as a mom it is double responsibility, double nurturing, and hence managing work-life balance turns furthermore crucial. I quickly would like to draw your attention, that many a times the concept of “work-life balance” is wrongly comprehended. “Work-life balance” is not about just being able to complete and prioritize all responsibilities you hold towards your work as well as your family, but it is about enjoying and being satisfied and comfortable in managing all the responsibilities.

A bunch of strategies like maintaining a planner, using home-management strategies, pre-planning as well as work delegation are good to make your life easier. Being a life-skills trainer, I have had opportunities to train many mom-entrepreneurs and mostly all of them had issues in managing work-life balance. The concept of “Self-Care” applied sorted the issue as a sole unique strategy upto quite an extent for most of them. Here I present a few of the Self-Care strategies that even you too can try out and make yourself self-motivated and energised for a rewarding entrepreneurial journey with proper work-life balance.

Self-Time: A few moments of the day just for one own self works wonders. It helps in rebooting oneself and managing self-esteem that is very much required for a busy day, which usually is a regular affair for a mom entrepreneur.

A Gratitude Journal: Ups and downs are part of both an entrepreneur and a mother’s life. Maintaining a gratitude journal helps one surpass the low’s in life. 

Speak-up: Waiting and expecting others to understand you is something that mostly does not work. And unmet expectations are one among the major reasons of low energy and hence a lowered efficiency in managing responsibilities. Don’t let these ruin your dream life. Speak up. Voice your requirements rather than just hoping people and family members would understand is all by themselves.

A task that you love to do:  It could be enjoying some music, reading a book, swimming, any sports that interests you or even a walk. Such activities which you enjoy doing supports the circulation of positive energy.

Take a time off: Compromising on our own health and happiness cannot help you keep people around you happy. It’s only a happy environment that promotes work-life balance. Taking an off is much recommended to manage health and happiness which should not be ignored.

Don’t wait. Value yourself and your dreams so that tomorrow you don’t regret that you lived just for other’s and not for your own self.'

Shalini Das

Life-Skills trainer, Mentor, Facilitator, Content Writer