How workplaces should maintain menstrual hygiene in offices

How workplaces should maintain menstrual hygiene in offices

Being a woman surely comes with lots of roles and responsibilities. With all the duties and amount of work, dealing with menstruation never helps. For every woman, whether a homemaker or working, menstruation never comes in handy, rather it comes with plenty of stress, pain, and irritation. During the menstrual cycle, a woman’s body undergoes many changes, and during that span, maintaining proper hygiene at home and even at your workplace is a necessity.

Since a working woman spends 20-30% of their time at their workplace it is a high time for the ventures to create a healthy and hygienic environment for their female employees. workplaces without the proper facilities and working environment for women, dealing with their menstrual cycle is equally substandard as the gender inequality faced by women in any other sector. Hygiene facilities should be accessible to every working woman who is dedicating her time during those crucial days. Lack of proper hygiene can lead to some serious and menacing health issues, which will affect a woman’s body for a long period and even can face additional health risks. The hygiene facilities and the services that are provided to the women should be affordable so that, any girl can get access to it.

The workplaces should know their sense of responsibility towards their female employees, for all the constant hardworking even with the agony of their menstrual cycle. A provision of properly sanitized and clean lavatories, a conventional disposal system, and sufficient washroom breaks are the essential requirements a woman needs for bonafide hygiene during her menstrual cycle.

The insufficient availability of hygienic supplements and the unavailability of proper dumping bags for sanitary napkins can create a sense of tension among the female employees which eventually hinders the attentive work environment by making them uncomfortable and embarrassed to ask for help.

Providing a proper healthy and sanitized positive environment to the employees leads to the betterment of the organization and overall development of the country in all aspects. Improvising the workplace initially raises the standard of an organization and contributes to the overall development.

Jyoti Garg

Director- Human Resource, cargo-partner (India)

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