A progressive wedding: Husband touches wife’s feet to show mutual respect

A progressive wedding: Husband touches wife’s feet to show mutual respect

When it comes to bizarre wedding rituals, Indian weddings are on the top. You can witness a whole lot of rituals which will make you wonder and laugh…at times. A lot of these rituals are extremely sexist too. But this couple decided to give Indian rituals a twist. Diipa Khosla and her long-time boyfriend Oleg Buller got married in a traditional Indian style wedding.

Indian Hindu weddings have a ceremony where the bride is supposed to touch the groom’s feet. Diipa and Oleg touched each other’s feet to mark mutual respect for each other.

The couple found the entire ceremony contentious which is when they decided to tweak things in their style and Oleg touched Diipa’s feet too. When the entire scene played out, Diipa mother gave a shocked expression.

Mom’s shocked large eyes gave away her thoughts about what people might say if Oleg was to touch my feet in return. All the aunties and uncles…wouldn’t they disapprove?

Diipa wrote on Instagram

Though Mom’s traditional Indian background did not allow her to be sure about this being a good thing, we were sure. We would both touch each other’s feet in mutual respect from woman to man, and from man to woman. From a wife to her husband, and from a husband to his wife.

The couple also took each other’s surname. Oleg Büller-Khosla and Diipa Büller-Khosla are the names they chose to go with after they got married in Udaipur.

Diipa’s post on Instagram has gone viral and it sure is #weddinggoals and #couplegoals for a lot of couples out there.

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