Maharashtra Govt launches ‘Cyber Safe Women’ initiative

Maharashtra Govt launches ‘Cyber Safe Women’ initiative

Maharashtra Government has launched a ‘Cyber Safe Women’ initiative under which awareness camps will be held across all the districts of the state regarding cyber safety.

In a statement, Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray has said the initiative will help in educating women about how the web is used by anti-social elements and child predators to commit various types of crimes.

Cyber safe women campaign: Key Highlights

  • The ‘cyber safe women’ campaign will be launched in every district of Maharashtra state so that the public can be informed about cybercrimes as well as the laws related to such crimes.
  • The state government will also organize lectures on cybercrime information. The campaign will cover cybercrime crimes such as cyberbullying, internet phishing, fraud identity on marriage site, bank fraud, photo shuffling, child pornography, online gaming, false information sites, cyber defamation information and the use of social media.
  • The lecturer will invite participation from women and children including police representatives, district ministers, government officials, school and college students, NGOs, Anganwadi sevaks and members of the Women’s Vigilance Committee.
  • The campaign mainly aims to help the women and children in the state become aware of good cyber practices, as only awareness can contribute to the creation of responsible netizens.

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