Makeup In Monsoon: How To Ace Your Makeup Game Even in The Rain

Makeup In Monsoon: How To Ace Your Makeup Game Even in The Rain

In the midst of July? You know what it means, the monsoon has hit the bar! While we all love that first splash of the sky, we cannot ignore the heaps of humidity and unwanted oily, dull skin that comes with it! And not to forget, those bad makeup days, that just is just a hot, greasy mess.

But not to worry, here are our tips to ace your makeup game without any worry this monsoon:

Less is More

Anything excess can take you far away from the look you may have set out to achieve. Minimal makeup is the key during heavy rains. You need to know what part of your face needs to be uplifted and what is the right way to do that. Focus on just giving your features a sharp finish and step out with your makeup & confidence leading the way

Sunscreen and Moisturiser

No matter what season or weather, sunscreen and moisturizing your skin is just as mandatory as breathing. This is a step most of them do not play well along with, but to remember this is the best way to healthy skin. Invest in products with more hydration qualities and that doesn’t leave your skin feeling greasy. These little investments in skincare can eventually help uplift your makeup.


Most of the brands today give budget-friendly waterproof products. Some of which are mascaras and eye-liners. Investing in these kinds of products in the rainy season is the way to go, as they’ll shield your look and keep your glam on, just the way you like it!
The minimal waterproof eye-liners make everything look so seamless.

Luscious Lips & Cheeks for the Win

When we talk about the minimalistic approach, we know one of the prominent features are the lips. There are various ways to enhance your lips, some of which are lip tints that can be used for fuller cheeks as well. There are matte lipsticks as well that stay for a longer period and also keep the entire look intact, and your perfect companion to brave the rain.

Don’t let Monsoons ruin anything for you, not even your makeup.

Aashka Goradia Goble

Aashka Goradia Goble, Founder and Director of RENÉE Cosmetics

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