Meet Khyati Rupani- A Nutritionist who combated PCOS, Infertility, Weight Gain and is now helping people overcome weight issues

Meet Khyati Rupani- A Nutritionist who combated PCOS, Infertility, Weight Gain and is now helping people overcome weight issues

Khyati is the Founder & the chief dietician of Balance Nutrition, an online platform for weight loss & health management. When she was 26 years old , she was diagnosed with PCOS and it was like her whole world came crashing down. She was planning to have a baby but being overweight & with PCOS condition, it was difficult for her to conceive. But she didn’t give up trying, she was determined to lose weight & then conceive naturally.

So, she planned her own diet charts, followed some basic principles while eating out at restaurants, or at social events along with a few cheat meals in between.

After a few months, she reduced her weight to 62 kg & managed PCOS without any medicine. Finally, the miracle happened…she became a mom after going through all the hurdles.

“This was a life-altering experience for me that inspired me to reach out to numerous others who were facing such weight gain & PCOS problems & from there my journey to become a successful entrepreneur apart from a chief dietician began.”- Says Khyati

About Khyati’s Venture- BalanceNutrition

Balance Nutrition is an online healthcare platform that provides smart, hassle-free weight loss & health management programs dedicated to improving millions of lives with expert diet plans and assiduous mentoring. Keeping pace with the evolving trends & technology, the brand has included amazing features like weight loss trackers, reminders, etc. which increases the interaction level & at the same time it also helps in understanding & catering the needs of the fitness enthusiasts better.

Challenges Khyati Faced as an Entrepreneur

At the initial stage, of course, there were lots of challenges. The first challenge that “I faced was while planning diet charts for NRI clients. Based on geographic locations or lifestyle & food preferences, the efficacy of diet charts vary. Hence, for effectiveness of the program, it was important to create a diet plan as per the client’s convenience. So, I along with my team did research on aliments available at different regions across the globe & also evaluated how they can be used in everyday diet based on their accessibility & client’s requirements.”

Many other hurdles kept arising over time, but that is growth, right? Where you solve those problems & move forward stretching further.

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Khyati’s Message to Womenfolk

Do not underestimate yourself and don’t let your domestic duties be an excuse for not being an entrepreneur. They are your strength. Being a working woman makes me a much better wife and mom. I am happy and hence my home is happier.

She says :

1. Be very mindful of your services – always give more than they expect.

2. Keep an eye on your finance; especially, curb those expenses that can be harmful in the near future.

3. Value your team mates and clients.

To Connect visit her website: Balance Nutrition

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