Priyanka Chopra quotes about self-worth every woman should learn by heart

Priyanka Chopra quotes about self-worth every woman should learn by heart

Priyanka Chopra, the famous Bollywood actress often advocates for women and their position in society. It is observed in various public meetings and interviews that she inspires women and teaches them the importance of “Self Worth.” Priyanka often addresses women and remarks that we need to prioritise and understand our self worth.

Priyanka advocates that there are times in our life when we feel dejected and suffer a lot, however even during those struggling days we need to remind ourselves that we are enough.

Speaking from her experiences in life, Priyanka often tells that during days when she struggled and was going through a lot of ups and downs in life, The only thing that helped her cover that difficult path was her belief in herself, she never lost sight of her ultimate goal, and managed to grow and achieve in all the aspects of her life only because she put herself first.

“Don’t try to squeeze into a glass slipper. Instead, shatter the glass ceiling.”

“No matter where you go in life or who you get married to, you have to be financially independent, whether you use it or not.”

“I want all the girls without any exception to have space for themselves where they have ample opportunities to be the woman they wish to be.”

“No one can tell you how much you can do. You have to set your own standards.”

“When I think about being the woman I want to be, I just want to be the best version of myself. And I use every opportunity that comes my way in that direction.”

“My mom always said that when a woman is financially independent she has the ability to live life on her own terms.”

“Confidence and self-belief are extremely attractive.”

“Ambition is a word associated with women negatively. People say she’s too ambitious. Why is that a bad thing?”

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