Shweta’s Fat to Fit Entrepreneurial Journey is a Must to Read by all Mothers who struggle with weight issues

Shweta’s Fat to Fit Entrepreneurial Journey is a Must to Read by all Mothers who struggle with weight issues

At 32 when Shweta’s daughter was old enough to go to a play school she started her war against her fading health. It is during this time that she started getting drawn towards fitness as she found herself reading more and more about nutrition and workouts.

She decided to start getting her certifications and taking group fitness classes part time along with her job. Shweta spent more than a decade in the corporate sector wearing various hats in training, quality, migrations, operations and client management.

Her last stint was as a Sr. Manager- Business Insights Group before she quit it all to start her own fitness venture Resculpt as very soon she realized that she wanted to focus more and more on her passion.

Ever since then this has now grown into a full fledged job.

Shweta work one on one as a personal trainer working to each clients specific needs. Her forte is weight training and she is trying to get more and more women hooked on to it. Recently she has also started doing fitness workshops to reach out to a larger audience.

Recounting the challenges and problems that Shweta has suffered she says-“

Women typically feel to lose weight they need to starve themselves and do endless hours of cardio as against eating healthy and adding weight training. Another thing is Expense on a personal trainer is still not viewed as a necessity and a lot of people are willing to settle for low cost options without weighing the options if that might be detrimental to their health

Referrals and social media played an important role for Shweta’s growth as she believes to be on a mission to create more awareness about fitness as she think its still in its infancy in our country. She intend to start reaching out to corporates and educational institutes via workshops

Apart from this Shweta is also the National Director of Ms Fitness India

Her message to womenfolk-

Just take the leap of faith. You wont know whether you will succeed or fail till you try. Do something that you are truly passionate rather than what everybody is doing. Your true passion will ensure hard work which will translate into success sooner or later.

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Latika Wadhwa

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