Stories of Change: Meet These 7 First Generation Women Entrepreneurs who took the Entrepreneurship Call Despite All Odds

Stories of Change:  Meet These 7 First Generation Women Entrepreneurs who took the Entrepreneurship Call Despite All Odds

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Prachi Chopra- Founder, INSIA

As a kid born to an IAS officer, Prachi was more exposed to the idea of careers in Medical, Engineering, IAS, Architect etc. While heart of heart, she used to love the power any entrepreneur holds and wanted to be one herself. And all Ishe could manage to be closest to this idea was to do MBA & learn the nitty-gritty’s of the business. The career took off with jobs with Export house and then venturing to corporates.

She got married to her then office colleague & they moved to another country to follow career paths. “Our family started & I could only help my husband to settle in a foreign land. After we moved back to India for my elder one’s education, and my 2nd kid was born, the idea of being an entrepreneur started haunting me every day and when my daughter was just 1 yr & few months, I discussed this with my husband who encouraged me to research more on the same. “

After doing market research & following her passion for fashion, Prachi made a decision to start her own statement jewelry brand INSIA with emphasis on Allergy-free jewelry. Her husband Avneet encouraged her & supported her while she set up business in 2015. She feel so proud to be living her  dream, her passion with INSIA – an Exclusive online store for Allergy-free fashion jewelry at

Ashima Gupta- Founder & CEO @ Changeyourlife, ICF Certified Personal Success and Career Coach, Behavioural skills trainer

Ashima did her L.L.B. and was practicing as a successful lawyer for 5 years when life took a turn for her. Her mother met with an accident incurring severe internal brain damage, leaving her surviving only to be in a vegetative life state forever while her father was suffering from Parkinsons. While her son being 1.5yrs, Ashima had no choice but to step back from the professional front and single handedly take charge of all these responsibilities.

But as they say, “Life does not happen to us but happens FOR us”. So these circumstances acted as a fuel for her personal and spiritual growth, led her to discover her own courage and strength and in a span of next few years she discovered her calling and passion as a Life Coach.  She got certified as a Professional ICF Certified Coach from the CCA, USA.

In December 2015 she started with her company ‘Changeyourlife’ which was on the foundation that Every Individual has the unlimited potential to realise their dreams and aspirations and become happy and successful. I work with Professionals and Entrepreneurs to achieve what they have not been able to on their own and bridge the gap between where they are presently versus where they desire to be in the next 6 months to a year. I consider myself quite lucky as the concept clicked well with women entrepreneurs and I got the first few clients for my company.

But soon enough I went through the struggle of being able to reach a larger audience. There were many challenges that cropped up time and again on the personal front….she lost her father in tragic circumstances, her son was in class IX where he needed constant support from me, her husband was undergoing surgery for some serious issues. This is when most people give up as a woman is expected to always put her career on the backburner and attend to family responsibilities first. But she refused to give in to her circumstances and is a successful career coach, a mother and a great motivational person.

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Monica Arun- Founder, Globetrotter Travel Club

A mumbaite, shifted to Bengaluru due to her husband’s job in 2011. After working in for India’s top travel companies for around 20 years, Monica had to give up working to enter a different phase of her life, Motherhood.

Being a ‘mommy’ is a full time assignment. In 2012, Monica decided to put to use the skills that were lying undusted on her memory shelves. “Many people in the complex we have shifted to travelled on vacations. I started small-time by advising people on their travel plans and as I know many of the overseas hoteliers & suppliers personally, would also book for them.” With the word of mouth, she started getting many more clients. Monica realised that there was a storeroom in the parking area of the complex. She spoke to the society and convinced them to give that space to her on rent.

Her entrepreneurship journey began as she registered her own company and named it ‘Globetrotter Travel Club LLP’.

Being a certified holiday specialist, she started advising a whole lot of them as to how to travel and things to do with kids. As appreciations in form of positive feedback started flowing in, she became more ambitious and wanted to start being a travel agent once again.

Dhruti ShahFounder, Love Doodle

A lawyer by her erstwhile qualification, Dhruti left the corporate life and ventured into the entrepreneurial world with the idea of Love Doodle. Her husband, Jigar, has been alongside her all through this journey. Love Doodle is a celebration management company. It offers a range of gifting options for its customers. These gifts are anything but regular.

The gifts are classified into two broad categories: experience gifts and customized gifts. From a romantic sailing followed with a candlelight supper in the midst the sea to adrenaline filled adventure activities and from foot imprints on a ceramic plate to a painting of a movie character or quote on a drinking glass, if you can think it, Love Doodle can make it happen. Dhruti’s passion and dedication have helped Love Doodle succeed.

Twarita Mukherjee- Founder, Ghare Baire

While traveling to rural bengal Twarita came across a few weavers of Fulia (town in Nadia district almost 90 kms from Kolkata) which is famous for its delicately hand woven tant sarees.

Yet, skilled these weavers have been struggling for bare survival for years. Some have shut down their looms and migrated out to take out a living as day labourers at construction sites.

It was then the thought for Ghare Baire Collections (at home and outside) took birth. As the name suggests, the aim was to bring the age old tradition of Bengal infront of the world. Also tant saris owe their popularity to the hot and humid weather of Bengal where it provides comfort to the wearer by virtue of its lightweight nature, making it handy for every occasion. Hence it is perfect to carry outside and same time comfortable to wear at home.

Started with social media networking the first week passed with no response…a week another went same. zero sales for 1st few weeks made Twarita disappointed and disheartened. “Then I thought I didnt choose this to make money. My IT job has provided me good enough to support me and my family. I invested time, patience and quality in my business.”

Lack of business background has provided several tough situations and people comments, however these have faded with time. In four months, Ghare Baire Collections has become a registered wholesale dealer of Bengal tant and handlooms, gained good clientale..several more to achieve. Her family has always been supporting backbone even in the risks taken.

Yashodhra Patil- Founder Kidzopedia

Coming from a traditional family and getting married as soon as she cleared her graduation. Yashodhra is a MBA (HR) by qualification and had worked for almost 7 years in corporate. When her daughter was 4 years old she changed her career track and became Mompreneur

She is into multiple businesses now.” I floated my own Placement agency by name of Global Outsourcing and Placement Solutions with my own funds and family support, which helps in connecting employees with employee, apart from this also help in providing franchisee of bigger brands simultaneously I am working on my Kidzopedia platform (”.

This new startup is a responsible online listing platform for after school learning academies and courses. The idea of bringing out secreted strengths and talents in children makes Kidzopedia one of a kind platform to help parents explore the world of opportunities outside the school

Rupali Bose- CEO of Meet Yourself

Rupali’s journey began when she took motherhood break 10 years back. It was a time to rediscover and relive her dream again. She decided to get back to studies which was a big shock to her family nevertheless she was determined and focused.

Her journey as a Transformation Coach began soon after and today she live and love her work helping and coaching people realise their dreams and inner strength, coaching them to reach/ define their vision in life.

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