Know the successful mantra of Managing Work and Kids from these 17 Mompreneurs

Know the successful mantra of Managing Work and Kids from these 17 Mompreneurs

Motherhood is the beautiful aspect of a woman’s life. However, with motherhood comes a break in the professional life of a woman. As time is changing the womenfolk is making a comeback in their career through jobs and business, but the major problem they are facing is striking the balance between kids and work.

If you are a working mom and facing difficulty then learn from these mompreneurs how to manage a successful career with kids.

Prachi Chopra- Founder INSIA

Balancing Motherhood & Entrepreneurship is a challenge, an adventure I go through everyday. I was already a mom to 9 yr old & 1.5 yr old kids when I started my start-up. I took up office which is 5 mins walking from my place so I could run in & out for my kids & family when required. As a mom, I do almost everything for my kids right from getting them ready for school dropping them, picking them up to getting their homework done.

For this, my time management skills come in place. I get up early, plan my day in advance to the dot and make sure I adhere to that plan. At night when they go off to sleep, I try finishing my office work ahead so I get some more time to finish some unforeseen tasks. By the end of the day, I really feel like a satisfied superwoman. Train your staff well so they can function well in your absence. Define their roles well. In this tech savvy world business can be handled from just about anywhere so don’t stress.

Kanikka Tiwari, Founder – Amairaa forever beautiful

I am a proud mommy to three kids, two sons aged 4.5yrs and 3yrs and my daughter who has just turned 9 months!

So motherhood has never been an end for my personal or professional growth, in fact it’s been a start to many firsts for me! I believe one can achieve all that one wants if you put your heart and soul positively into it! I try to keep myself motivated at all times no matter what come may!! Create a happy support system around yourself whether it’s family, well wishers, friends or even full time helpers! I go for girls night/breakfast atleast once a month to unwind myself.

You don’t have to do everything on your own!!  Delegate household chores and concentrate your time on more important things, that ways you will not exhaust yourself on trivial matters!

Anshul Kharbanda- Owner- Magic Strings By Anshul Kharbanda

I am a mother of 7 years daughter. When my daughter was 4.5 yrs old i thought of starting my own brand in customised products. As living in a joint family it was a good option for me ” working from home”. RECOGNIZE THE PRIORITIES -Do first which is more important. For eg -if you can leave the work for 1 or 2 hours bcoz you have to give time to your family/ kids, than why not. On the same hand if you give work priority first than go ahead but dnt forget to give time to family/ kids afterwards.

Dr. Mona Nargolwala-Consultant & Advisor. Corporate Social Responsibility & Sustainability

Raising a child is a life time opportunity. Turn around arrangements which gives you feeling of being a satisfying mom & productive professional Mom ..never quits as has the power of word OM. Be open to your employer for flexible working hours / schedule.
Make best & optimum use of grandparents at home. Share responsibilities with each member to balance your work & being an ideal mother. Take full support of your loving husband as a parent sharing parenthood together as a supportive partner.

Latika Arora Khurana – Makeup Artistry by Latika Khurana 

I prefer completing my pending works,calls during his sleep time. If My Working hours are longer any Day ( since my profile is of makeup artist and in season I work till 10 in the night ) we make sure as a couple that one of us reaches home and be with my son on time. Avoid using mobile when playing with your kids.

Anjali Kushwaha- Amway Business Consultant

I had masters degree in computer applications. Me and my hubby we both were working when we came to know I am pregnant. We both were excited for our first baby and I decided that I will quit my job and will enjoy my motherhood. I never felt that I had taken any wrong decision. So I had taken a break from my career but it doesn’t mean I was not serious about career. I was looking for some opportunities. I wanted to do something along my baby. I met some people who were building their business in their spare time so I also joined my hand with them and now I am also working with them as a team..  

Praggatti Rao- Director at Educonceptsindia Initiatives

Motherhood and work balance comes easily if we choose to BELIEVE that If many others can do it well so can I, Believe it’s doable and connect with people to model and find out what is working for them Practically, Feel ok to delegate and share the workload , use cohesiveness in the family to assign tasks to other family members it’s fine to not feel guilty of me time as it brings out your best, keeping firm time lines to be available for work and family works too.

Yashodhra Patil- Director, KIDZOPEDIA

Being a working mother has its own set of hurdles to jump over from scheduling nightmares to extreme tiredness and working mother guilt and to be continuously on phone on weekends/odd hours coordinating with multiple vendors is the biggest challenge. So I created boundaries so that I can get my time off from the regular routine and be with my family.

Sushma Tiwari- Founder, MirrorsnImages 

As a working mom the challenges of life for sure increases. Balancing becomes tough many a times. But I feel if we plan our day before hand things can be worked out in a much easier way. We as females have really out grown a lot in very less time span which is challenging, as the society and family is still taking time to digest that our involvement in the house can be a little less, so expected support is quite less. Ultimately I feel that we are strong enough to manage everything as we are regularly pushing ourselves for the betterment of our family and society as well.

Vineeta Bhatia- Trainer, Speaker and Image Consultant

Being a working mother is never so easy. Sometimes you get feelings of guilt and stress, as you realize that your attention is getting divided between work and family. But don’t let these feelings stop you, make them your strength instead. The key to have a balance between work and motherhood is to keep yourself Organised, Focused on your goals and most important Acceptance.

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Simmi Sood – Marketing Communication Manager, Hyatt Regency Gurgaon

I am a mother of two beautiful children aged 11 and 4 and am working in Hospitality line for last 11 years. Streamline, streamline, streamline — less really can be more. Admit when you need help —mothers are masters at hiding their struggles but they are not superhumans. Create clear margins in the workplace — and always “walk your talk”

Manisha Kumar- Entrepreneur

Being a mother of 2.5 years old twins and a full time working mother it’s really important to balance out your family especially kids, work, home and your business else you end up getting stressed and non-performance at all aspects. Time management is basically key for me. I have divided my time for all my activities for eg. Work has dedicated hours which I put in, then daily chores of home, daily activities with kids, my consultations and business. Of course your spouse also plays a vital role in supporting at all levels.

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Shanjan Raj- Dentist and Entrepreneur

I am a dentist running my own dental practice and also an entrepreneur.. I love art and also a hardcore homemaker.

I think for me balancing work and motherhood is very important as any distance can cost you peace of mind.. For me its about dedication and team work ( my husband and I don’t help each other Infact we try to compliment each other in our house as well as at our jobs). 

Bhavana Misar-Founder, Bhavana’s Jewellery 

Wake up early but don’t compromise sleep. Keep a to-do list with daily actions. Remain flexible, when you add a new responsibility you’ve got to let go of something else.

Monika Guleria- Founder, CakeholicMonica 

Being a mompreneur we are always filled with guilt that I was not able to do this n that. I believe that if we use timetable will be able to achieve social and family life both.

Manasi Pandey- Founder LifeNMORE

Mindfulness in all spheres of life, Discipline is what requires for a balance in work and kids

Binndi Suvarna- Professional Makeup Artist

The most important thing is the drive and the desire to do something. Once the drive is there, everything else will eventually fall in place. While balancing home, kids and work the key is to be organised and plan the day well in advance. This makes life so much simple”

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