Tips To Have Your Personal Style in An Online Event for A Lasting Impression

Tips To Have Your Personal Style in An Online Event for A Lasting Impression

What is an Impression? How does it get formed? Why is it so important? Who creates an impression? Have you ever given a thought to these questions? Many of us are probably aware that impression plays a vital role and therefore when a child goes to school for the first time, we tell him/her “Behave well, dress well” because these are the things going to create a good impression of your child.

In this new normal where physical meetings have been replaced with online meetings/events/ceremonies, it becomes even more challenging to create a lasting impression with ease:

How do we then create a good and lasting first impression in an Online Event ?

The answer is to follow the four elements and project your personal style effectively:

Clothing- With ‘work from home’ being the new normal, our pajamas have been our new office dress code. Have you ever felt that you don’t feel like working on a casual Friday? Notice the dress code, the name itself is “Casual Friday”, casual dressing equals casual mood. Working in casual clothing affects our concentration and productivity. Dress appropriately and authentically for the occasion depending on your role. Choose the clothing which defines your personality. If your role demands a jacket, wear a jacket or semi-formal attire. You can choose to accessorize depending on your personal style.

Grooming- Since there is no traveling involved, people wake up from bed and attend their events. This attitude reflects that how casual you are towards this event. Take some time, take a good shower, wear clean and ironed clothing, put basic makeup to add dimension to your face, comb your hair, use good perfume even if you are working at home. These keep you fresh and in a good mood. Don’t overload with accessories.

Communication- One of the important aspects of online interaction is to be able to capture the audience’s attention and not make them fall asleep. Always check your mike, speakers before the event. Do a dry run before the actual take. Make sure you are taking necessary pauses and stressing words wherever necessary. Be aware of your tone and pitch as you wouldn’t want to offend others. Don’t interrupt others and wait for your turn.

Body-Language & Etiquette- When you say you are “excited” does your body show the same enthusiasm? Are your body movements in congruence with the words you speak? Do you make eye contact? Eye contact is very important and in virtual meetings, it is wise to switch on the camera. Look into the camera as this would mean that you are looking into their eyes. Try giving virtual handshakes, nods, smiles, and be attentive. This would make others think that you are attentive and responsive. These are the non-verbal cues that help others identify you as a person.

Create your own uniqueness with these four elements in a way that you want people to remember “You”. Reflect on the values you truly hold onto. Every person is different and so are his/her styles. Identify the things which make you ‘You’.

Are you the one wanting to be remembered as cute, sporty, classic, dramatic or casual? The way you execute yourself determines your personal style. Understand your choice of clothes, the way you groom, the way you talk and the way you project. These are the elements deciding your first impression and thus help you project your “personal style”.

Manishaa Senggupta

Manishaa Senggupta, Founder of Charisma - Rebuild Your Image, formerly a media professional, now an Appearance coach and an aspiring Soft Skills Trainer. Getting the right opportunities in life is very important. I understand and I know how it feels when an opportunity slips away. Therefore, I help people in evaluating, transforming and evolving their appearance and image the way they want to be perceived and get noticed for the opportunities they are seeking for. I do this with the help of clothing, grooming, body language and Etiquette. Do connect with us at

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