7 Priceless Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that can bring happiness to mothers

7 Priceless Mother’s Day Gift Ideas that can bring happiness to mothers

Mother’s day has emerged as a popular festival now a days. All thanks to the television commercials and social networking sites to persuade us to realize the importance of our own mothers.

News channels, online selling sites, gift shops etc. are overflowing with gifts calling themselves unique and best that we can present to our mothers which could moisten their eyes and melt their hearts. Now it’s the time to finalize her gift to acknowledge her worth.

A beautiful card, but the quotes written there are not mine. A restaurant treat, but she cooks the best food I have ever had.  A costly jewelry or a dress, but she is the simplest person I know. A day out, but she’s old enough and gets tired soon.

Then comes the thought, is a single day enough to thank our mothers? Yes its ok to celebrate but not because society dictates and enforces it, turning it into another commercial venture. A lot has already been written and a lot more can be written on suitable gifts for mother’s day.

 So here are some unique gifts that you can gift your mother and make her feel at the top of the world on Mother’s Day

  • Spend quality time with mother

Mothers love cannot be materialized. Hence it cannot be replaced by ‘Thank You’ cards. We count our blessings when we meet someone who is deprived of things we had, but somehow we did not appreciate it. Instead of saying what you want, try to know what she wants, know your mothers the way she knows you, before she is no more. Spending few minutes with her daily or may be a daily phone call is enough for her (our mothers are used to getting happy and satisfied with smallest things).

  • Respect and acknowledge her opinion

She has spent major part of her life in our upbringing, giving us everything relentlessly and often making our way, her way. She could have been a successful entrepreneur or an engineer or an artist, if only she was allowed to pursue her dreams (in those times working mothers was not that common). She introduced you to this world, laid your foundation. Respect her opinion. Let her achieve her dreams through yours.

  • A word of assurance is enough

We are very well aware of our society where rape, child trafficking, acid attacks, bride burnt cases etc. are daily activities. Perhaps in such a scenario the best gift we can give our mothers is to assure her that her daughter is safe.  Gift her a society free from female in feticide, a society where birth of both her son and daughter are celebrated equally. These issues are created by us and only we are capable of eradicating these.

A mother’s love can come in many forms. One does not need to carry a child in womb to become a mother nor has to be a female figure. Motherhood is all about what we do, rather than, what we are. It’s about nurturing a life. This mother’s day let’s thank motherhood. When we care for someone unconditionally, we become a mother. Let’s thank all mother like figures who have made some difference. Let’s thank people who are capable of unconditional and selfless love irrespective of childbearing or their gender. Let’s celebrate motherhood rather than just the biological status.

  • Thank your mother-in-law

Our own mother loves us without choice by her natural instincts unconditionally. But our other mother makes a choice to love us. Just love and respect her back. We might not like certain actions or words of our own parents, but still do love them. Similarly love your mother in laws beyond imperfections, care her without the fear of judgement. She is also your ‘other mother’. Gift her your quality time.

  • Thank your maid/helper/caretaker

She is not even aware that ‘mother’s day’ even exists. She takes care of our entire household chores so that we can go out for work peacefully. She assists in cooking so that we are less burdened. She takes care of your baby in your absence to give you that ‘me’ time. Let’s thank and gift them a day off this mother’s day so that she too can spend that day with her children.

  • Thank your best half

My post would be incomplete without honoring him, he changed my aspect of motherhood. Truly said motherhood is all about sprouting of emotions. It would be unfair not to mention the way he cared smallest of my requirements as a new bride, during my pregnancy he did everything my own mother would have done. That is the virtue of a beautiful relationship. It erupts silently. He became a mother to a ‘would be’ mother. Let’s gift the nurturer a small acknowledgement.

  • Thank your baby

I thank my daughter Tushai for gifting me motherhood. Someone has rightly said that a mother emerges from a place that one doesn’t expect. You brought me closer to my own mother. The way you cling to me for comfort, the way I look at you without blinking my eyes, the way with your one smile, I skip a beat. It seems as if history is repeating, just the roles have changed.

God could not be present at all the places and so he created mother. And when mothers are not reachable, there are mother like figures. This mother’s day let’s thank motherhood. Do you have any mother like figures in your life? Just take out little time and thank them for ‘being there’.

Twarita Mukherjee

I come from the land of Tagore. An IT employee by job, mother of a sweet girl by God's grace and writer by heart.