Top Wedding Return Gifts Ideas For Relatives under Rs 1000

Top Wedding Return Gifts Ideas For Relatives under Rs 1000

Are you constantly wondering about what to get your guests as your wedding return gift? Then your sleepless nights end here as we are here to give you the top Wedding return gift ideas for relatives, that too just under Rs. 1000.

The selection of wedding gifts can be a difficult task, as we have to pick one category that will be liked by everyone, be it our young cousins or our elder relatives, there is a need for one gift which would be appreciated by everyone. However there has been a new trend where gifts are divided according to the age groups of your guests like your young cousins can get chocolate hampers or maybe your elders can get good luck charms or things that they can put up in their houses as decoration pieces. For people like your in laws and close relatives you can also go for boxes of sweets.

Traditional Return Gift Ideas

You can play it safe and go for ideas which have been in trend for so long. Giving traditional gifts like sweets, shagun envelopes and religious icons can be a very sweet gesture and will be admired by all. Some of the most suitable ideas are:

  1. Little Ganesha, Laxmi or any other religious idols, Om or holy cross pendants, Buddha idols
  2. Gold or Silver coins
  3. Box of sweets with shagun
  4. Ethnic Diyas with a box of sweets
  5. Potli bags, Bangles, Kundan Kada, Kumkum, Sindoor boxes and Mehndi boxes.

Eco-friendly Wedding Return Gifts

Giving Eco-friendly wedding gifts can be a very modern and out of the box idea since there is an urgent need of being sensitive towards our environment, providing eco-friendly gifts can send out a very positive message.
Here are some eco friendly gift ideas for return gifts:

  1. Organic fruit baskets made of cane/ bamboo
  2. Plant saplings
  3. Herbal spices and other herbal products
  4. Organic honey basket
  5. Jute bags and boxes, jute and wooden jewellery
  6. Hand-painted earthen lamps and flower pots

Contemporary Wedding-Day Return Gift Hampers

If you wish to drop out the conventional wedding return gift ideas then here is a list of all the modern and in style ideas that you can opt for during your wedding.

  1. Chocolates, cookies, muffins, dry fruits and candy baskets
  2. Jars of exotic tea and coffee
  3. Embroidered clutches, henna designed candles, incense sticks.

Classic Wedding Gift- Gifts in Silver and Gold

Giving your Guests, good luck charms can never go wrong. Here are some amazing ideas for the same:

  1. Little crystal turtle or elephant figurines
  2. Evil-eye pendants, horseshoe pendants/wall hangings
  3. Pair of fish or dolphin tokens, laughing Buddha icon
  4. Bonsai bamboo plants.

Engagement Return Gift Ideas

Other than the wedding ceremony there also comes occasions where you have to think about what to give as a return gift to your Guests, Engagement return gifts become one of such occasions. After the wedding ceremony, the engagement ceremony is also a major social gathering. It is out of courtesy that the newlywed couple extend their gratitude to the relatives in the form of a return gift.

Spiritual Gifts or Aesthetic Gifts

These gifts are suitable if you are aware about the specific taste of your Guests as these have a personal touch to them which will definitely be liked by the receivers.

  1. Coffee mugs with the guests’ picture printed on them
  2. Classy fountain pens in gorgeous cases, embroidered coin pouches
  3. Silver bowl and a spoon set, silver/ brass fruit bowl, silver tray
  4. Handcrafted pen holders, mirrors, Bangle boxes, candle stands
  5. Gold/silver kamadhenu idols, Kalash string hangings

Return Gifts which Send a Social Message

Be a rescuer to the society’s underprivileged and spread smiles by going for Small businesses and products sold by NGOs and be a supportive companion to them.

  1. Buy candles, jute bags, soaps and other return gifts from an NGO and help raise money for the less fortunate children/people.
  2. Donate to a charity on your guest’s behalf.
  3. Ask your guests to contribute to the betterment of a less privileged couple, child or group.

So, these were the best Wedding Return Gift ideas that you can ever think of. We hope that our research was able to help you and you have finally decided about what to get your guests on your most special day.

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