Veere Di Wedding Movie Review

Veere Di Wedding Movie Review

Veere Di Wedding– is a lighthearted comedy movie with full flavour of punjabi wedding & “Tamasha” created by 4 four friends starring Kareena KapoorKhan, Sonam Kapoor, Swara Bhaskar & Shikha Talsania.

Director Shashanka Ghosh has crafted his movie portraying the necessity of female friendship with doing some justice to all their ups & down of sisterhood & friendship in the full movie. He has made his female leads go bold with their dialogues & thought process, raising questions on male patriarchy & equality in women freedom of expression.Though our society cannot digest such bold women having such bold thoughts.

These women in the movie highlights & pinpoints that if a male person can express his emotions & need in the society with so ease then why can’t a female.All the females will be seen in the movie, trying to break down these orthodox mentality with spice of their free spirited fun & friendship madness.

In short we can say that this movie is reply to the film called “Pyaar ka punchnama” & also a female version of film “Dil chahta hai.”

The film revolves around 4 childhood friends who are always on a loud bang attitude of life featuring Kareena kapoor as (Kalindi), Sonam kapoor as (Avni), Swara Bhaskar as (Sakshi)& Shikha Talsania as Meera. They all meet in Delhi to attend the wedding of Kalindi and her boyfriend Rishabh Malhotra (Sumeet Vyas).Kalindi hails from a family where she has seen abuse and other unhealthy dynamics so her belief on marriage is completely broken.She believes in living with her fiance Rishabh without the commitment of marriage, but Rishabh proposes Kalindi and wishes to marry her. Kalindi somehow agrees for this marriage and is seen adjusting to the changes & challenges of marriage in her own bold & mad way. She never realises that she needs to be so extra cautious & attentive for being a bride to Rishabh. She has to change her dressing sense, speaking habits and almost everything of original Kalindi to a new Kalindi in order to fit the perfect bride stereotypes.

Sonam kapoor plays the role of a divorce lawyer who cannot hide her desperation for getting married. Her wardrobe collection will remind you all of Film “Ayesha” & “Khoobsurat ” whereas she is seen unapologetic for spending a night with a man unintentionally.This is hilarious and laudable in the movie.

Swara Bhaskar is seen going through a failed marriage. She is a woman who speaks her own mind and seeks fun in cursing situations as she thinks, its cool & funny with a bit of masculinity. She doesn’t believe in hiding herself under the sadness of a failed marriage. She is also immune to the actions & opinions of the critics having their own cynical views.

You are sure shot going to love the performance of Meera who has done justice to her role by playing the character of a fanatical mother and is seen trying very hard to be accepted by her family for marrying a “firang.”Please don’t be surprised to see this actor in many variety of roles in future as she shows the audience, her potential in this movie.

Sumeet vyas is seen as the very good man who has no clue of what is going to happen next in his life but is ready to take on everything on him which is also an amusing & laughter stroke to watch.

Vikas Kinni is seen chasing Avni that is Sonam kapoor in the movie who is a delhite but is quite irritating to watch but definitely going to leave an impact.

In totality, the movie is refreshing, loud & engaging. We all can watch on Sundays to keep ourselves engaged and have some drama with our female buddies. It’s fun to see them talking about men and sex. And nevertheless we get to see a different form of womanhood which is not always righteous depicted in the most entertaining way!!!!!

So what are you all waiting for, go & watch with your female flocks or in the company of your husband who too will laugh at these dialogues. Revive & refresh your friendship memories with this movie and have a blast!!!!

Nishat Raza

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