12 High-Performing Facebook Group Ideas To Engage Your Members

12 High-Performing Facebook Group Ideas To Engage Your Members

A Facebook group is a place where people discuss and share their passion for similar interests. Every business should have a facebook group of their own as it is a good platform for your marketing and advertising purposes.

Benefits of setting up a Facebook Group for your business

● Builds long-lasting relationships with customers

Groups are effective because people want to be there. As people interested in your business are the ones who join as members to your facebook group.

Your biggest customers are definitely going to be a part of your business since they always want to keep in touch with you. This provides you a chance to solidify and enhance that relationship with the exclusive access to your company that a Facebook Group provides, along with special content and privileges.

● Increase your organic reach

The organic reach of your Facebook Page may only be hovering around 5%, but your group’s reach will be much higher.

Facebook prioritizes posts from groups in a user’s newsfeed, so you have a high chance of showing up, especially compared to your page’s posts.

● Learn valuable market research data

A facebook group becomes an excellent platform to gain information directly about the needs of the customers from the customers. As you have a direct access to your target audience you can get your questions answered by real customers.

Being able to test new strategies and ideas in this small focus group will give you a lot of information.

12 Facebook Group Engagement Tactics that help your business grow

1. Welcome New Members of your Group

The moment you get new members in your group, you automatically establish a special connection with those members. This connection helps your members feel included and comfortable enough to open up so they can share their thoughts easily with other members of the group.

Members who have joined your group in the last 7 days are considered new members. On your group discussion view, you can easily see the number of new members who got recently added in your grgroup.

2. Make It Easy for Members to Engage With Your Group

You can ask all your new members to introduce themselves. This is a nice way to make the new members comfortable and get the conversation started.

When people introduce themselves, they feel valued and they consider the entire group as a family because it is easy for them to engage with the members in future.

3. Leverage the Power of Storytelling

Another way to engage with your audience is by starting activities like story telling. You can create a video which can include topics which are generally liked by everyone.

You can ask members to submit their images or stories so you can share them with the entire group. This is an awesome way to generate lots of engagement. People like things that are kept real.

4. Post Polls, Surveys and Quizzes

Post polls, surveys and quizzes play a major role in keeping your engagement intact. Posting a poll, survey or quiz lets group members quickly share their opinion and as a result engagement starts to generate instantly. One of the best ways of using a poll is to identify the current trends and create a poll based on that.

5. Ask Questions

Asking questions to the members in your group is a great way to get the conversation started. You can ask them various types of questions like:

Closed questions- “Do you like the new Apple iPhone?” The answer to such questions can be Yes or No

Open-ended questions- “What did you like the most about the new Apple iPhone?” There can’t be a straight answer to this question and every member will have to give a reason to support their answer.

Image-based questions where an image is shared along with the question so that people are able to grasp the question easily. Like posting the image of a green lays or a red lays you can ask which one are you?

Debate-oriented questions like “Do you think homework should be banned?” People can respond and share their answers either supporting the argument or answering against it.

General questions like “Who is your favorite actor?” These types of questions are easy, simple and people like to jump into such conversations.

6. Posting Photo Quotes

You can maintain the engagement by posting quotes, you need to find a simple inspirational or humorous quote and share it with your members and people will start reacting to it.

The key here is to find images that match well with the genre of your group. It is important to keep in mind the likes and dislikes of your audience so that it doesn’t hinder your strategy.

7. Follow the Edutainment Strategy

It has been observed that not every content type is perfect for Facebook. The content that works best for Facebook is a combination of education and entertainment which is often called as“edu-tainment.”

8. Keep a check on your timing

While posting in your group you need to take care of the timing of the post. You can fix a time and post during that particular hour everyday. Posting it odd hours reduces the engagement. You can also schedule your posts beforehand by using the schedule feature.

9. Use the Live Video Feature

You can use the live video feature to promote your facebook group. You can get live through your group and interact with the present members in your group. Facebook Live video is an amazing way to reach your target audience and boost engagement.

10. Ask members to turn on the notifications

You can ask your members to turn on their post notifications so everytime you post they will get notified. By this they won’t miss any of your new posts and you’ll keep on getting a continued engagement.

11. Like, comment and respond to others

You need to be constantly active, if you wish to see better engagement happening in your group. As a group admin, you need to take the initiative and consistently like, comment and respond to other members in your group. This way people become more comfortable with doing the same and engagement will start to happen more and more.

12. Facebook Group Insights

Making use of the insights feature will help you understand the activities of your members in your group. Group Insights are a great way to measure the level of engagement with your member it is helpful in understanding how members like to engage and is also helpful in Identifying the posts and topics that receive the best engagement

When you get such data, you can easily see what is working for you and what is not you can easily manipulate your existing strategy and suit it according to your requirements.

So, these were the 12 ways in which you can increase the engagement in your Facebook group. All these methods are tried and tested so you can easily go ahead with them.

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