15+ Ways to Grow your Facebook Group 3x Faster

15+ Ways to Grow your Facebook Group 3x Faster

If you have been finding new ways to grow your Facebook group 3x faster then you are at the right place. Be it a new group or an existing one which you want to grow, we have got the answer to everything.

1. Use Giveaways and Contests to promote your group

You can organise a Giveaway to boost the number of members in your Facebook account. All you have to do is provide prizes which would be liked by the target group. You can also tie up with other brands wherein they will provide their products in exchange for some promotion. Keep the condition of the giveaway to be a member of your Facebook group and that’s it your work of increasing members will be done.

2. Add link to your Blog’s Menu

Another way of driving the traffic to your Facebook group is by adding the link of your group to your Blog’s Menu.

It is a fool-proof idea as the people who are reading your blog are definitely your target audience. So put the link of your Facebook group and be ready to get some huge number of members.

3. Put your Facebook Group ‘s link in your Email signature

A very wise method to gain members would be to add the link of your group in the signature of your mail which would become a very sharp way to get a new member every time you send a mail.

4. Share it on your YouTube channel

You can spread the word about your Facebook group with what kind of information that you provide there through your YouTube videos. You can directly ask your viewers to join the group at the end of the video and add the link in the description box. You can also add it in the description of every video to make it more effective.

5. Send a mass message on Facebook

For this you have to go through your Friend’s list on Facebook and find people who you think would be interested in joining the group, now instead of messaging them directly, you can just add them in a new group and tell them the benefits of joining and the purpose of your group. You’ll see within no time request’s to join.

6. Craft a Pinterest Graphic for your group

Today more than 175 million people use Pinterest on a monthly basis. Pinterest is one of the fastest ways to get content seen on the web, and it lasts much longer than posting on Facebook or Twitter.

So you can add the graphic to join your Facebook group and add a link to it to gain new members.

7. Pin a graphic with the link on Twitter

You can also use twitter to promote your group. Create an eye-catching graphic, post it on Twitter, then “pin it” so it’ll be the first thing seen when someone stumbles upon your account.

8. Place it on the Sidebar of your Website

If you have a website then you can add the link of your group to the sidebar of your website. The people who read your blogs would definitely be interested in being a part of your group. So this idea would be a very smart move to gain more and more members.

9. Create a Welcome Email or Series

A perfect strategy to gain members would be to mention it to every person who subscribes to your mail. When you craft a welcome email or a welcome series for new subscribers, make sure to invite them to join your Facebook group. You can also drop the link with every mail or newsletter you send.

10. Link it to your Facebook Page

To link your group with your Facebook page you have –

  1. Go to the “settings” and then “edit page”.
  2. After that, Click on the “Groups” tab and add the group to your page.

Through this anyone who will be browsing your Facebook page will get a link to join your Group.

11. Add links of your Facebook group to other Facebook groups

Many businesses or bloggers who use Facebook groups create a thread wherein they add all admins of different Facebook groups. They let you post promotion messages and links on conditions like everyone would have to take part in every person’s activity equally and engage on time. You can also do that by sharing links of your new posts to grow engagement and adding the link to your group whenever new members join.

12. Utilise Facebook live to Promote your Group

You can promote your group in a live session by directly asking the viewers to join your group. You can also pin the link in the comment section so every new person joining the live would understand the purpose of the session. There you can talk about the things that take place in the group and how the viewers can benefit from it.

13. Use your Instagram Bio to Promote your Group

Instagram is being used more by people than Facebook these days. So to take advantage of that you can add the link of your group to your Instagram bio. Wherever anyone visits your profile they’ll see the link and use it if it interests them.

You can also keep sharing reels as they have a better reach so whenever anyone will open your profile through a reel they’ll see that group link. This technique will definitely boost the number of members in your group.

14. Add it to your Social Media Calendar

It is very important to be active on all your social media platforms and use it to cross promote your social media accounts.

You can regularly post attractive graphics on different handles about why to join your facebook group with its link on all your handles. This way new members will get informed so, make it a regular part of your social media marketing strategy, and it’ll pay off big-time.

15. Promote your Group on “Thank You” pages

In case you have opt- in offers or paid products on your blog then you would certainly be having the Thank you pages that appear after the visitor has added their mail.

When someone adds their email address – that means they probably already adore your content and your brand. So now all you have to do is ask them to join your group which they are most likely to do as they have already shown that they have an interest in your business.

16. Place a link on any Pinterest boards you own

Pinterest group boards have become marketing powerhouses these days. They have millions of reach and that’s why many bloggers use it to promote their content.

In case you don’t have a Pinterest account you should definitely create one. And if you have one then place a link to your Facebook group at the end of the group board description to get the desired results.

So, these were the most effective ideas to grow your Facebook group 3x faster. All of these ideas have been tried and tested and then recommended to you. We have hope that you’ll be able to find the most suitable ideas for yourself

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