5 podcasts to lead young mommies towards happy parenting!

5 podcasts to lead young mommies towards happy parenting!

A young mommy although excited to get in the groove might often feel swamped with other daily chores. From the all-day banter with kids, nurturing them to taking care of their constant needs, you will seldom see her catching a breath. While she is new to the job, she certainly is in it to win it!

This and the perils of the pandemic has underscored the need to invest in your emotional and well-being just as much as you focus on your families’. For this, podcasts have emerged as recourse and a great tool to help mommies unwind their weekly woes and bask in the glory of some much deserved ‘me’time. In fact there are some podcasts that may help infusen you some sense of positivity and confidence when the challenges of the new role give you the heebie – jeebies.

So, in the spirit of Mothers Day 2021, country’s leading music streaming app Gaana shares with you 5 popular podcast to sit back, plug your headphones and enjoy!

1. Chiming with super mom bloggers – As parents, the ultimate goal is always to hear your kids’ call you the world’sbest parents and to become so, you may often seem to belooking out for being the better version of yourselves. Parenting is solely about a beautiful experience through thick and thin after which all you conquer is the innocent smile of your kid. So in this series, the expert Supermoms promise to share parenting tips and tricks to wisely bring up kids, proper work management and the answers to your ‘how-to’s’.

2. Carefree Parenting– The secret mantra to carefree parenting is where you learn how to maximise the pleasure and minimise the pain of being a parent. Tuning to this podcast will help you create a happy, nurturing relationship with your kid and bid adieu to anxiety, stress or guilt. It will here on help you be the kind of parent you have always wanted to be.

3. The Prim & Clove Podcast If you feel a tug on your heart to be an amazing mother or if you have ambitions and dreams, babies to raise and households to run then fret not because this podcast has got your back! This podcasts aims to build a community of ambitious moms just like you to show up and support one another to be ambitions and learn to let go of what’s not serving you. You will discover a lot of ‘How To’s?” making the most of this motherhood season. So sit back, relax and onboard this motivating journey for a steady reminder that you can be that ambitious woman you are and still be an amazing mother too.

4. The Mama Instincts Podcast This podcast will be a destination for you to confidently raise happy, healthy and mindful children by connecting with their intuition~ learning about alternative parenting ways and living a more natural life. It will be a sheer journey of becoming a more peaceful, intuitive and loving mom.

5. P for Parenting – Parenting for young mothers might feel overwhelming due to their lack of experience. In this podcast, Anubha and Anjali will talk to you about easy way out to enhance parenting. They will discuss why being a parent is no less than being a superhero, small hacks, small moments, and everything that one needs to know about the world’s toughest job- Parenting.


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