Top 3 Podcasts To Keep Your Kids Latched This Summer

Top 3 Podcasts To Keep Your Kids Latched This Summer

Summer is around the corner, but with schools set to close for summer vacations, remote learning, and the incoming heat wave, kids are likely to be stuck indoors for the next couple of months. While there’s a limit to how long any child can stand being indoors all day, some great entertainment can go a long way in extending those limits.

Podcasts are a rage these days, and a great way to keep kids entertained and informed while limiting their screen time during these long days. Good edutainment podcasts for children are more like radio plays, incorporating music, sound effects, and multiple voices to share exciting information & absorbing stories in ways that kids will love. So while while we can’t guarantee a peaceful afternoon in complete silence, here are 3 popular kids podcasts on the country’s most popular music and podcasting platform – Gaana that you can tune to:

This Day’s History: Can you guess what’s common between India declaring its independence, the birth of Napoleon, Bahrain declaring its independence and Republic of Congo declaring its independence? These all happened on 15th August across the last few centuries! If your kid is a curious history buff and likes to know the importance of different days, then this podcast is a must-listen. They would get to learn what happened on a certain day in history ranging from facts, birthdays of important people, interesting events that took place in the past to the area of music, sport, politics, and science!


Kabhi Socha Hai: – Does your kid like to know the logical and often the scientific reason behind things that happen around them? If you also tend to stress your mind to find the answers to such questions, Kabhi Socha Hai –  a factual science podcast for kids is at your service. Each 3-4 minutes long episode offers scientific and logical explanations for curious young minds. Delivered in Hindi, and a bit of English, this educational podcast is not only for kids but also for inquisitive adults who would like to refresh their science basics and be prepared to act all knowledgeable when kids pop these questions to them!


Sleep Tight Relax: Given the lack of exercise and the hustle-bustle of school, your kids may have been finding it difficult to sleep. With the Sleep Tight Relax podcast, they can drift calmly off to sleep by listening to our mix of relaxation techniques, calming nature sounds , soothing music, and dream inducing bedtime stories. Created for kids but appropriate for all ages, Sleep Tight Relax makes bedtime quality time, by helping busy minds become calm, focused, and relaxed.

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